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Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:49 pm by anneke
woro-woro nih..
kita udah bikin forum baru,dengan tujuan agar forum bisa lebih tertata rapi Smile
regist ke sana yaaaa


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Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:49 pm by anneke
woro-woro nih..
kita udah bikin forum baru, dengan tujuan agar forum bisa lebih tertata rapi Smile
regist ke forum baru yaaaa


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Hebe: "Meskipun kalian sudah tidak membutuhkan S.H.E, kami akan tetap bersama"
Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:55 am by starrynite
Even if you don't need S.H.E anymore our spirit will always be as high

Hebe attended an autograph session at Hong Kong earlier this week. During the autograph session, Hebe sang her hit song Love! and Ni Tai Chang Kuang. When being asked about S.H.E's solo career and will it jeopardize the group Hebe replied, "S.H.E will always stick to going solo without disbandment. Definitely will not disband. Even if after a while you don't want S.H.E anymore we will always be one and that will never change". Well said indeed by the singer who top the charts with her first solo album [To Hebe]. S.H.E has been together for 10 years to date. Even though rumors sparked that the group will be disband sooner or later it doesn't look like its going to happen.
Hebe menghadiri autograph session di HongKong, dimana dia menyanyikan [LOVE!] dan [Ni Tai Chang Kuang]. Ketika ditanya mengenai karir solo S.H.E dan apakah itu …

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Selina Resmi Bertunangan
Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:54 pm by starrynite
Selina Jen is now engaged

Member of girl-group S.H.E had secretly gotten engaged to lawyer boyfriend. Selina is one step closer to becoming a missus. The Taiwanese singer had gotten engaged to boyfriend Richard Chang in a hush-hush affair on Sept 12. For the engagement, Selina had intentionally chosen a simple, less than TWD20, 000 (SGD 1,000) "small" diamond ring - a far cry from the Piaget diamond watch Richard presented her earlier - as she had felt that the proposal gift was extravagant enough. "It's (the engagement ring) only for remembrance sake, this way I can wear it often," Selina explained. She also added that a "small" diamond ring is ideal as it would be convenient to wear around without being too flashy.
Salah satu personel S.H.E telah diam-diam bertunangan dengan pacarnya yang berprofesi sebagai pengacara. Selina sudah …

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Hebe "bersolo karir", HIM menyembunyikan wajahnya untuk membuat fans penasaran
Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:09 pm by starrynite
Hebe "flying solo", H.I.M hide her face to keep fans curious

S.H.E's Hebe is finally "flying solo" releasing her individual album which has been in production for two years, however H.I.M are trying to be mysterious. Online, there has been a 30 second preview clip circulating, which doesn't reveal the girl's eyes, nor is there a name attached to this clip, but as soon as fans heard it, they knew who that unique singing voice belonged it.
Hebe akhirnya akan bersolo karir dan merilis album solo yg sudah dalam masa produksi selama 2 tahun, akan tetapi HIM mencoba berpura2 misterius. Di internet tersebar video berdurasi 30 detik, dimana dalam video itu tidak diperlihatkan mata si penyanyi, juga tak ada nama tercantum di video ini, akan tetapi begitu fans mendengarnya, mereka langsung mengenali suara unik si penyanyi.

This clip called "A girl who loves …

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Very good news for S.H.E fans ^^
Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:44 pm by iin_chen


english translation by liz @AF
indonesian translation by iinchen ( karena para translator lagi pada ujian hahaha )

On April 23, 163 Entertainment reported that SHE has now been together for 10 years, last month they've released their 12th album "SHERO". They also announced that each member will be busy with their own projects in the second half of this year. On April 22, SHE appeared in Beijing to promote their concert tour "SHE - Love is the One" which will take place in Beijing in June 2010. During their 163 Entertainment interview, SHE talked about their individual projects and the topic of going "Solo". A decade of experience in the Music industry, the three girls has grown and matured. Maturity is an inner change of mind and heart, they …

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Kehidupan friendship di antara S.H.E
Fri May 21, 2010 12:56 am by yani elviani

Part 1.


Cover majalah bulan mei ini adalah S.H.E. Dalam sebuah grup music takdir yang tak bisa dihindari : setelah tenar pasti ada perkataan yang ga cocok, setelah masalah itu ga lama pasti akan bubar dan berkembang sendiri-sendiri.

但 女王天團S.H.E,卻打破了這個宿命。成軍邁入第十年,S.H.E的雙手仍握在一起,寫下歌壇女生友情的新一頁。她們在競爭激烈的歌壇並肩作戰,一起跨 越生命中的挑戰。

Tetapi.. S.H.E malah memecahkan takdir itu. Terbentuk hampir 10 tahun, S.H.E tetap bersatu, bahkan mereka menulis lirik sebuah lagu baru tentang girls friendship. …

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Selina's Dad Expose Daughter's Wedding Date, Rushing to Find New House and Getting Married Next Year
Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:29 am by Sheila Lin
Source: Next Media
Translation: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Selina Ren @ S.H.E accepted boyfriend of 3 years Richard Chang Cheng Chong's confession during her concert. Yesterday her dad Ren Ba exposed the two's wedding date is set to be in next year, his daughter is finding a new house right now: "I hope engagement and wedding can be done all at once. As for the date, we would respect his family's decision." Selina's record company HIM Music replied: "Happy to see her doing great," stressing S.H.E won't disband.

It was back to the end of 2006 when S.H.E hold their concert in Taipei arena. That night Richard Chang and his mom enjoyed the show with tickets given by Selina's mom; it was his first time meeting S.H.E. Last month he finally confessed his love to Selina bravely at her concert, he said after wards: "This is fate given by …

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