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 S.H.E merayakan CNY

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PostSubject: S.H.E merayakan CNY   Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:29 pm

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

This year is S.H.E's 9th year as a group so their record company specially gave them 9 days of holiday for the new year. Ella and Hebe went back to Pingtung and Hsinchu respectively to reunite with family while Selina went on holidays to Japan with her mother and younger sister.

Ella receives $500,000 red packet

Ella used the new year holiday to return to Pingtung and enjoy the rural life. She said going out for walks with her family and riding her bike are her favourite ways to relax. This year, she received a $500,000 red packet so how did she spend her new year money in the past? She replied, "My mother always teased me: 'Does your red packet bite people?' because every time I received a red packet, I immediately went to buy candy from the grocery store and somehow spend it all instead of saving money." Now, Ella gives the money to her older sister to purchase funds and insurance.

Hebe takes a trip to the farm with classmates

Hebe returned to Hsinchu to celebrate the New Year with family. She said she had planned a 2 day/1 night farm trip with high school classmates so they could experience the simplest yet most content lifestyle together. From a young age, she has developed a habit of saving up the money she received during Chinese New Year but she admitted, "I saved up until senior high but because I started dating, all that money was spent on phone bills." She said she doesn't have the financial management brains, "I really have no interest in managing finances." Now she has a fixed financial advisor who takes care of her finances for her.

Selina accompanies mother and younger sister to Japan

This year, Selina will use this rare holiday to spend New Year in Japan with her mother and younger sister. During Chinese New Year, she loves to play mahjong with her family, "My luck [in mahjong] has always been very good, [playing mahjong] feels like I'm bringing good luck for myself for the New Year."

Selina said she loves to wear red clothing in accordance with the cheerful atmosphere of the festive occasion. The family has an unspoken rule: before the New Year, Ren Mama will take Selina and her younger sister to buy new clothes but they can only be worn when New Year arrives, making her look forward to wearing new clothes each year. "This time it's my turn to take my mother and younger sister to buy new clothes. On New Year's Eve we always go shopping at the department store for new clothes and then when we eat our New Year's Eve dinner or greet people on New Year's Day, we will wear the clothes to bring good luck."

Pantes gak ada kabar tentang mereka, ternyata lagi liburan 9 hari wkwkwkwk Very Happy
gak nyangka si Ella masih tetep dapet angpao hahaha.. mpe 150 jt rupiah lagi ckckck...
tapi dia kasih utk jie2 nya hehehe..
wah si Hebe telpon siapa tuh sampe habisin banyak duit hahaha.
New Year kali ini mereka benar2 tolak order untuk kumpul2 ma keluarga
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E merayakan CNY   Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:54 pm

wah tahun ni S.H.E tidak menghabiskan CNY bersama2,, kan biasanya mereka menghabiskan waktu bersama,, hehehe..
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E merayakan CNY   Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:14 pm

Wihihihi mungkin mereka rindu menghabiskan waktu yg berkualitas sama kluarga sendiri vi,, hehe kyk sblum mrk jadi artis besar...---@iin jie:: angpao nya ella dr siapa ituu ga dijelaskan ya?? apa stlh dikumpul2 jd 150 jt,ato dr satu org sbnyk 150 jt??
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E merayakan CNY   Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:35 pm

total lah.. mungkin dari popo , ye ye, paman , bibi, dll
mungkin dari perusahaan juga, pokoknya tiap ada orang yg sudah merit
kan biasa bagi2 angpao Very Happy

iya mereka memang kan dah bilang sebelum tahun baru kalau liburan kali ini
bener-bener mau habiskan waktu bersama keluarga.
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E merayakan CNY   

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S.H.E merayakan CNY
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