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 S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore 17 April 2010

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S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore 17 April 2010 Empty
PostSubject: S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore 17 April 2010   S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore 17 April 2010 EmptyTue Apr 20, 2010 11:10 am

S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore

It was a rare sight last night in the vicinity of Stadium Road - possibly the first ever clash of the Mandopop titans in Singapore's entertainment history, with fans of Taiwan's two most popular bands mobbing the area, all waiting in eagerness to watch their superstars.

The region's biggest female Mandopop trio, S.H.E, brought their "S.H.E is the One World Tour Concert" to Singapore Indoor stadium last night and turned their sold-out concert and the 12,000 seating capacity arena into a mega karaoke-marathon session for their fervent fans.

And this, despite a night that's been widely-hyped as the clash of the Mandopop titans, that saw Taiwanese quintet, Mayday performing just nearby at the Singapore Stadium. And rock on S.H.E did, delivering a solid series of medley and stopping in-between sets to interact [with the audience] and poke fun at their "neighbour."

At one point, a mischievous Hebe pretended to pick up a call from Ashin - Mayday's vocalist - and retorted: "Oh Ashin, are we too loud, did we disrupt your concert? [But] I don't care!"

As if the jest wasn't funny enough, the trio went on to perform one of their hit songs "Wu Yue Tian" - that transates literally to 'Mayday' to which Ella quipped: "Hope our friend next door can hear this!"

The all-girl group took to the stage at 8.20pm to a riot of screaming fans and a stream of rainbow light sticks. Looking as if they've just stepped off a spaceship, group members Selina, Hebe and Ella made a dazzling entrance and did their opening sequence in flashy futuristic outfits, singing their hit song, "Super Star", setting of ear-piercing squeals of delight from their adoring fans.

The trio's charm and high-energy performance evidently worked its way into the audience with ecstatic fans - many of whom came from Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia - cheering, singing along to the trio's songs, brandishing multi-coloured light sticks in the dark, and yelling their hearts out frenziedly for more than two hours.

Although the stream of graphic images projected through the LED as backdrop weren't anything spectacular, the futuristic stage and suspended podiums which housed its band members featuring them playing in mid-air plus the highly-charged performance by the trio and their change of flashy costumes were more than enough to thrill and delight the audience with an enjoyable audio and visual feast.

The all-girl group whipped out a medley of non-stop performance, transforming from sexy dance routines, ballads, and Broadway pieces to rock medley. A total of 40 songs were performed in the trio's one-night only concert, including hit songs like "Re Dai Yu Ling," "Mo Li," "Tian Liang Le" and "Zhong Guo Hua."

Each girl also got to show off their talents in solo sets, Broadway-style, midway through the evening, with Hebe the cutie with a killer voice showcasing her powerful vocals without missing a note with her jazzy rendition of "Dream a little dream of me"; girly-girl Selina singing and prancing to the 80s pop hit, "Wake me up before you go go"; and Ella, the tomboy who's usually the subject of jokes over her gender and sexual orientation, delivering a self-penned and self-composed Chinese song. The upbeat song titled "Wo Jiu Shi Wo" - which translates to "I am me", seemed to be her message to us about her being comfortable in her own skin.

The highly-charged concert ended with a bang- complete with confetti and pyrotechnics - with "Lian Ren Wei Man", a hit song from their first album [in 2001], and got the girls thanking everyone who came to watch their performance that night.

In quick conclusion, the concert was a fantastic delivery of what S.H.E fans would expect to see. Flashy costume changes, feel-good songs, a trio of pretty face who knows how to work the audience - like I said; only if you are a S.H.E fan.

Source: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/xin/20100419/ten-067-s-h-e-one-3c1b9bc.html
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S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore 17 April 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Re: S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore 17 April 2010   S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore 17 April 2010 EmptyTue Apr 20, 2010 6:50 pm

I was there Smile
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S.H.E is the One Concert - Singapore 17 April 2010
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