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 Wawancara S.H.E (Choc )

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Wawancara S.H.E (Choc ) Empty
PostSubject: Wawancara S.H.E (Choc )   Wawancara S.H.E (Choc ) EmptySat Apr 03, 2010 10:21 pm


Always be yourself, be a confident and courages girl!!

After a year and a half since SHE's last release, their latest album shows that SHE has grown up. However, underneath the image, they are exactly as before, full of laughter and spirited personalities. Their ordinariness with how they relate to others put everyone at ease. Even little detail such as eating ordinary Taiwanese snacks has caught the editor's eyes. On the outside, SHE appears to be more beautiful and more feminine, and on the inside, SHE has also grown up to become SHERO. However, one thing that hasn't change, SHE is still the cute and natural SHE they were before.

Ella likes boy that has a good character, good personality, and fit in well with her circle of friends. "Appearance isn't as important as long as he is pleasing to the eyes, but I wouldn't mind handsome either. Hahaha." However, Ella doesn't like younger guys and prefer older guys. "Because we have already seen so much (in entertainment industry), we've grown up quicker than others and mature men would be better."
When you're in a relationship, are you the Hero in the relationship?Ella replies, "Actually, in a relationship, my boyfriend would feel that he is a Hero because I will help him massage, help clean and do laundry. I am a Shero in my work and daily life, however, when I've will my significant other, I tend to become the maid (extremely accomodating).

On the day of the magazine shoot, Ella was wearing a checkered shirt paired with a pair of jeans typical of Ella's manly style. However, Ella has matched her clothes with a pair of brown "Peas shoes" (with a blue bow on top) instead of her usual sneaker, giving her a more feminine look.

Ella express that there is a chance to try the silver screens. Ella says,"I've met with the director and there's a pretty good chance of working together."

*sementara.. masih bakal diedit ,tunggu artikel S & H , karena belum ketemu

Ella beneran bakal main film layar lebar ya ?? hehee.. harus seneng atau sedih ya ?
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Wawancara S.H.E (Choc ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wawancara S.H.E (Choc )   Wawancara S.H.E (Choc ) EmptySun Apr 04, 2010 3:20 am

baru ketemu directornya duang jie...
tapi kalo sampe Ella maen beneran,, harusnya seneg lha yo.. kan ini impian dia sejak menginjakkan kaki di dunia hiburan...

I miss my little cute boyish Ella,, but i wouldnt mind seeing her dressed sexily either.. hyahahaha
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Wawancara S.H.E (Choc )
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