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 Lagu [SHERO] premiere tgl 8 Maret 2010

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Lagu [SHERO] premiere tgl 8 Maret 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Lagu [SHERO] premiere tgl 8 Maret 2010   Lagu [SHERO] premiere tgl 8 Maret 2010 EmptyThu Mar 11, 2010 12:35 am

S.H.E’s [SHERO] Premieres on Hit FM on 8 March 2010!

Chinese music industry’s unique female heavenly pop group – S.H.E will release their new album – [SHERO] in 2010, after a one and a half year lapse. Sharing the same title as their album with a theme full of “Girl Power”, the trio’s hit song – [SHERO] will be premiering on 8 March 2010, for 3 consecutive days, during the Lively DJ’s timeslot of [Only Wants to Enjoy Music Internet Broadcast]! Fans who wish to listen to S.H.E’s new song, do stay tuned during the slated timeslots.

S.H.E’s 12th Album – [SHERO] on Pre-Sales from 10 March 2010, and Available in Asia from 26 March 2010!

Formed in 2001, S.H.E has impressive results throughout the 9 years in the industry. The group’s achievements surpasses that of past female groups in the Chinese music scene and the trio has made a glorious history and mark which other female groups will find hard to excel! Over the past 9 years, S.H.E has released a total of 11 albums, 4 popular publications, 12 high ratings acting and hosting programmes, over 30 large-scale ticket-selling concerts, won more than 160 music awards, received over 200 invitations to perform as finale guest stars for large-scale events, and countless commercial endorsements. The group’s influence on Chinese listeners over the world and glorious victories in the entertainment scene for the past 9 years is indeed dazzling and unstoppable. Not only has the female group created a milestone in the Chinese music scene, there is hardly a group in the worldwide pop music scene that is like S.H.E to have enjoyed such fame and popularity for nearly 10 years! Indeed, S.H.E is reputed to be a very unique Female Heavenly Pop Group!

Since their last album – [My Station – FM S.H.E], it has been a lapse of one and a half year. In 2010, S.H.E’s latest album will be released to all eager fans! In March 2010, the trio’s 12th album – [SHERO] will start the pre-sales from 10 March 2010, and be made available in the whole of Asia by 26 March 2010. The album will surely bring about another wave of “Empress Powers” to the music scene!

2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition’s Theme Song – [SHERO]

The concept of [SHERO] comes from Mayday’s Ashin. From English words which showcased “masculinity” such as [HERO] and [HISTORY], he thought there should also be words to feature the “femininity” such as [SHERO] and [HERSTORY]! With the independence and freedom represented strongly by S.H.E, and their diligence and perseverance to realize their dreams, [SHERO] is best sang by the trio. The song’s ideology to urge females to take charge of their own lives, with the distinct image of S.H.E, is like a match made in Heaven! And with their group’s name of [S.H.E] and the word [HERO], the name conceived hence became [SHERO], which suggests the meaning of the “Female Heroes”!

In addition, because of the trio’s distinct individual personalities, and yet closely knitted, and energetic images, this song – [SHERO] has also been designated the theme song for 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. This is in hope that the beauty and gentleness of both the females and flowers can convey the symbolic message of being confident, independent, and creating one’s unique charms to gain recognition, to blossom into a beautiful force not to go unnoticed!

Source: http://www.hitoradio.com/music/1e_1.php?topic_id=522
English translation: shyun_y@AF
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Lagu [SHERO] premiere tgl 8 Maret 2010
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