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 ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK !

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ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK ! Empty
PostSubject: ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK !   ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK ! EmptyThu Jan 28, 2010 9:29 pm



"有一天姐姐邀請我跟她一起 我睡了 "




"就是因為是是獨 所以沒有結果 我因為想要知道結果 所以在機場買了那本書"


""荷爾摩六景" "

"買書的時候順便買了作者的第一本書 "

"鴨川荷爾摩" 還有"豐城公主"

我先讀了荷爾摩六景 有點有看沒有懂


哇!! 真的是太有趣了


也因為他的形容 我想我今年會找個時間去一趟京都


希望大家感受一下作者豐富的想像 進入一個有趣的荷爾摩世界

喔 對了 我很好 不要對露出同情或擔心的眼神 沒事的 謝啦!!

Translation by : Sy @ AF

I’ve been reading lately
One day my sister invited me to join her to read but I ended up falling sleep
Before I fell asleep, I noticed she was reading a book
That particular book happened to list the introduction for another new book
I decided to browse through it
As it was only the introduction, the story’s ending was not included
I wanted to know the ending badly, thus, I ended up buying the book at the airport
The title of the book is [Heer Mo 6 King*]
When I purchased this book, I also purchased the author’s earlier publications
Namely, [Kamogawa Horumo*] and [Toyotomi Princess*]
I started off by reading [Heer Mo 6 King*] but I can’t exactly comprehend the story
Then I decided to read [Kamogawa Horumo*]
Wow!! It is really a very interesting book
The author has a very vivid imagination
And through his description, I really feel like finding time to visit Kyoto this year
I am recommending this to everyone
I hope that everyone can experience the rich imagination of the author and enter into the interesting world of Horumo

Oh yes, I am very well. Please do not look at me with sympathy or worry. Everything is alright. Thanks a lot!!

* sy's Disclaimer – I had to surf the web for the actual translation of the book titles. However I only managed to find from i.e. Wikipedia and aNobii.com to find the English translation of the book titles. There may be mistakes to the actual translation of the book titles.
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ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK !   ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK ! EmptyFri Jan 29, 2010 1:11 pm

Wah buku ny pasti bagus bngt.. ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK ! Icon_biggrin
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ELLA ~28 Jan 10 ~ BOOK !
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