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 S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore

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PostSubject: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 2:15 pm

Source & URL: http://udn.com/NEWS/ENTERTAINMENT/ENT6/5238745.shtml


Singapore Hit Award / S.H.E & Mayday Have Fun While Winning Awards and Having a Reunion

The Singapore Hit Award (SHA) was not only an award ceremony but the event also turned into a reunion for the singers in the Chinese Music scene. Mayday won a total of 5 awards – [Best Band], [Album of the Year] etc, to triumph over Jay Chou and Wong Lee Hom as the biggest winner of the evening. Meanwhile S.H.E was the next up, bagging a total of 4 awards. In addition to receiving the awards, the trio also joked about challenging Mayday. Even A-Xin is full of praises for the “great miracle” of S.H.E who possess boundless energy at all times!

S.H.E won a total of 4 awards such as [Best Group], [Best All-Rounder Artiste] etc and gave a 15-minute performance during the ceremony. First, the mischievous Ella accidentally ended up singing in “signature Taiwanese Mandarin*” and burst into laughter. Subsequently she even requested all the audience to stand up and join in the singing. While at the backstage, S.H.E even pretended to challenge Mayday for the [Most Popular Group / Band] award. Ella playfully teased Mayday, “How bold are you guys to snatch our award, get your strongest man to fight with me one-on-one.” In the end, Guan You (Lau Ming) turned out as Mayday's representative and gamely pretended to throw the folded chair at Ella. In the end, the 2 groups ended up enjoying themselves immensely in the “pretend fight”.
S.H.E shared that they are most honored and elated to receive the [Best All-Rounder Artiste] award. Ella expressed, this award not only acknowledges their performance in singing, but also in areas of acting and hosting. The trio also reiterated that S.H.E will not disband. Although they may take on different assignments from time to time due to their different interests, they will always remain as one.

In view of the SHA, S.H.E also took great efforts to doll themselves up in Gucci dresses and donned accessories worth over a million dollars. Thus, the trio has to be extremely careful as they moved about. When they returned to the hotel after the ceremony, they all sighed in relief upon removing the expensive jewels. But at the exact moment, they heard the crew member mumbled, “Eh? How come there is one less?” The trio immediately asked anxiously what was missing. In the end it turned out to be a false alarm as the crew member was only referring to a bag for keeping the earrings.

* Signature Taiwanese Mandarin often refers to a strong accent of Min Nan language (e.g. pretty similar to Hokkien language) as compared to the correctly pronounced Mandarin we often hear. Usually it has a humour effect as the intonation of the words may end up sounding like other words in Chinese. For e.g. Taiwanese Mandarin, which should be said as "Tai Wan Guo Yu" would end up sounding like "Tai Wan Gor Yi" with the accent.

S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore D0094a958ee290267bf480bc


Date: 7/11/2009

Source & URL: http://www.xin.sg/article.php?article=33093&st=dtl


Ella Reveals About Selina’s Undivided Attention for Hunks

Taiwanese female pop group S.H.E arrived in Singapore last Friday to attend the promotion event for a newly launched product – OSIM uKimono. Other than sharing tips on how to optimize the use of the slim belt massager to achieve the ideal figure, Ella also revealed about Selina’s undivided attention when in the presence of hunks.

S.H.E was at ION Orchard to grace the OSIM promotion event. During the press conference, the trio was interacting in a carefree manner with the media and had much fun with their fans. When talking on the topic of flab on guys, Selina joked that she likes well-built charismatic guys who must be well-toned at his hands, abdomen and chest. Hearing this, Ella immediately added, “When she caught sight of hunks, her eyes will really sparkle!”

Selina then elaborated she would take an extra glance at guys whom she think are good-looking, just like how guys would take time to admire pretty ladies when they see one. Meanwhile Ella shared that her greatest “fear” is guys with “Bye bye flesh” (flabby arms). Hebe said, “If a man’s tummy is too big until it bulges outside his pants, that would be quite scary too!”

The trio was donned in different design outfits in white colour with the newly endorsed slim belt massager strapped to their waists. On-stage, they exchanged words merrily, making the event very lively. From their good chemistry, it is not hard to imagine how deep their “sisterhood” is. During the interview, the trio shared that despite the differences in their personalities, they are constantly influencing each other. Thus, as days go by, they actually become more alike too. Ella shared that Selina is the most optimistic among them and thus, she would learn to adopt that attitude from her.

Recently in their world tour concerts in Hong Kong and Shanghai, S.H.E showcased more of their sexiness. Ella clarified that the new images during the concert is just to complement their performances, however, it does not mean that “sexiness” will be S.H.E’s style hereafter. Nonetheless, as time passes by, S.H.E would also gradually mature and naturally exude a feminine sensuality.

Selina said, “We are now at the crossroads of girls-to-women, thus, we would radiate a sexy charm.” Agreeing with her, Ella quipped, “At the current stage, we have the femininity and innocence which will probably be most attractive to some guys! Haha.” Hebe chipped in, “The most natural sexiness will probably be most charming.”

So would being in love make a person sexy? In response, Ella shared, “Being in love and being sexy are 2 different states. Love could make one feel crazy, as it could turn you into a totally different person. But when a woman has confidence and accepts her true self, she would naturally exude an attractive charisma.”

When reporters of xin.sg asked S.H.E just how much longer the group would remain, the trio answered unanimously that they will continue to be together. Selina said with affirmation, “We have always been developing our careers in the areas we are interested in, but we will not disband. So please do not be worry.”

Hebe added, “Even if we should no longer be in market demand, S.H.E’s friendship will still continue for a long time to come.” Ella pointed to the endorsed slim belt massager on her waist and replied, “We will be secured tightly together forever!” Indeed the trio’s assurance is a strong boost of confidence to the fans’ and the fans reciprocated their support through cheers and applause.

Ella Wishes to Star in Action Movies!

During the 15th Singapore Hit Awards (SHA) held last Friday, S.H.E and Mayday each bagged 4 awards. S.H.E’s win for the [Best All-Rounder Artiste] award is definitely without a doubt. After all, other than singing, S.H.E’s endeavors into releasing a memoir, hosting and acting in idol dramas have been well-received by the masses.

It seemed what is lacking now is the venture into movies. S.H.E shared candidly that they do look forward to acting in movies, but they have not come across any suitable scripts so far. In the advertisement for their recent endorsement, the trio transformed into kungfu-fighting girls, and Ella also shared that she hopes to star in an action movie. When asked to name who would she like to work with, Ella replied without second thoughts, “Jet Li. He has real kungfu skills and is a philanthropist, who founded the One Foundation. It would be a great honour to work with him in an action movie.”

Who is the Ideal Boyfriend?

The trio is full of praises for the male artistes they had worked with, such as Show Luo, Jay Chou, Wu Chun and Jerry Yan. Although some of them have become friends, none seemed suitable as boyfriends!

When asked about Jerry, whom Ella recently worked with, she shared, “You would see a different side of him during filming. I will feel sad for him because he is a perfectionist who tends to pressurize and suppress himself too much. I wish that he can be truly happy.”

Subsequently the trio became hyper again when probed on their criteria for Mr Right and they each shared their views. Ella commented, “A perfect person might not necessarily be the most suitable one. On the other hand, it is most important to find someone whom you can get along perfectly with.”

Hebe said, “That person must be kind and humorous to avoid boredom and cynicism.“

Selina added, “There must be mutual understanding and trust and always little sparks of chemistry. When I was young, I wanted to get married by 28, and give birth by 30 years old.” Selina just celebrated her 28th birthday recently, and she said although she has yet to get married at 28, she still look forward to the next stage of her life and hope that it would not be too late.

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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 2:20 pm

Wah keren tuh kalo Ella bakal maen film kungfu / silat ma Jet Li hehehe...
biasanya habis mereka asal ngomong bisa terjadi beneran hahaha Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 2:49 pm

iin_chen wrote:

Hebe added, “Even if we should no longer be in market demand, S.H.E’s friendship will still continue for a long time to come.”


Like this... S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore Icon_smile
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 2:56 pm

iin_chen wrote:

Ella pointed to the endorsed slim belt massager on her waist and replied, “We will be secured tightly together forever!”

'Like' Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 10:52 pm

News : http://www.tnp.sg/show/story/0,4136,220189,00.html

BABELICIOUS pop trio S.H.E were wide-eyed sweetie pies when they started out as singers eight years ago.

But now, with their sex appeal revved up a notch, this Taiwanese girl group have morphed into endorsement queens.

Their record label, HIM International Music, said the group earned NT$260 million ($11m) in the last six months alone.

They have appeared - both solo and as a group - in 17 advertisement campaigns in Taiwan, China and other parts of Asia.

Last Friday, the toothy threesome were in town for yet another product launch - Osim's new slimming device uKimono.

Although they were diva-ishly late for the media session at the Conrad Centennial Hotel - they overslept, apparently - local reporters quickly forgave them once they turned on their girlish charms.

The girls obligingly struck a variety of cute poses for the cameras, and their answers came fast and furious during an interview with The New Paper.

One question, in particular, prompted much laughter and made them slap one another on the arms during their replies.

Would they consider appearing in lingerie ads?

Ella Chen was hesitant. 'To do that, we must first have the right figure,' said the 28-year-old, who sports a short haircut.

Hebe Tien, 26, was more outspoken. In her saccharine voice, she said they wouldn't mind posing in undergarments if the ad is 'filmed artistically'.

'But if the advertiser requires the models to jump up and down on the mattresses, and our breasts have to bounce, then we won't do it,' she added, laughing.

Selina Jen, 28, agreed. She said: 'The ad must not be insulting towards women.'


But she immediately added: 'While jumping up and down, if there are diamonds falling out, then I may consider it!'

Explaining, Selina said she would like to be the face of a 'bling brand'.

The group said they would probably turn down offers that may not suit their 'vibrant, youthful and cheerful' image.

'We won't endorse anything that's 'bad',' said Ella.

'And no items prohibited by the law,' Hebe chipped in.

Selina added: 'We won't do advertisements for medical products too because there have been artistes who were drawn into controversies when the medicine they endorsed resulted in problems.'

In February, the Chinese government banned actors from taking on the role of medical experts in advertisements for drugs after a group of Internet vigilantes exposed several fake experts and fake brands, reported China Daily.

S.H.E also shared what products it hope to endorse in the future.

'A car,' said Hebe. 'Car ads normally have nice storylines.'

Ella was more specific. 'Mercedes Benz would be good! I hope they will notice us after your report.'

The dough has been rolling in for S.H.E. The products they have endorsed range from burgers to a karaoke chain.

They said solo endorsements are rotated among the three of them to ensure fairness.

Their Osim uKimono event at Ion Orchard was attended by hundreds of fans. The trio confidently demonstrated how to use the slimming belt massager while flaunting their well-toned legs and waists.


Both the singers and Osim declined to reveal the endorsement fees, but Ella told local newspaper Lianhe Zaobao that it's a lot of money.

' After knowing it, you would want to be an artiste too,' she said.

Not only is S.H.E attracting advertisers, the group is also a magnet for gossip.

Selina has been romantically linked with Taiwanese lawyer Zhang Chengzhong, comedian Huang Zijiao and host Show Luo.

Hebe was reportedly the love interest of Taiwanese pop icon Jay Chou and actor Li Wei.

And Ella supposedly hooked up with Wu Chun, who is a member of red-hot boyband Fahrenheit and her co-star in Taiwanese drama The Tricks Of Boys And Girls, as well as singer-actor Anthony Kuo.

With a huge fan base comprising both male and female teenagers, S.H.E said 'it will never split' as a pop group. However, the members are also concurrently pursuing solo careers.

Ella, the comedienne among the three, will continue to focus on acting.

Selina will work on hosting variety shows. She had previously collaborated with top Taiwanese host Jacky Wu for the show Guess, Guess, Guess.

Hebe will be the first of the group to release a solo album, which is currently still in the planning stage.
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 1:03 pm

Singapore Hit Award/ S.H.E dan Mayday bersenang2 ketika memenangkan penghargaan dan bereuni bersama.

Singapore hit Award (SHA) tdk hanya sebuah upacara penghargaan tapi juga sebuah acara yang berubah menjadi tempat berkumpul para penyanyi di kancah musik China.
Mayday telah total memenangkan 5 penghargaan [Band terbaik][Album Tahun ini]dsb, untuk mengiringi kemenangan Jay Chou dan Wang Lee Hom pada malam itu. Sementara S.H.E menyusul berikutnya, dengan memboyong 4 penghargaan. Saat penerrimaan penghargaannya, trio ini juga bercanda mau menantang MayDay . bahkan A-Xin begitu memuji ‘keajaiban luar biasa’ dari S.H.E yang slalu bertingkah energik di setiap waktu.
S.H.E total memenangkan 4 penghargaan seperti [Grup terbaik] dan [Best All Rounder Artiste]dsb, serta memberikan sebuah penampilan berdurasi 15 menit, saat event berlangsung.
Awalnya Ella yang jahil secara tidak sengaja berakhir menyanyikan “signature Taiwanese mandarin” dan langsung tergelak dalam tawa.Kemudian Ella meminta para penonton untuk berdiri dan bernyanyi bersama.
Sementara itu di belakang panggung S.H.E bahkan berpura2 menantang Mayday unutuk kategori [Grup/band paling ngetop]. Ella dengan isengnya menggoda mayday “Seberapa berani kalian merenggut penghargaan milik kami (S.H.E), kirim orang paling kuat diantara kalian untung bertarung melawanku satu lawan satu” Akhirnya Guan You (Lau Ming) lah yang menjadi perwakilan mayday, dan dengan serunya dia berpura2 melempar kursi lipat kea rah Ella, dan terakhirnya kedua Grup ini menikmati diri mereka dalam permainan “bertarung boong2an”.

S.H.E berbagi kisah bahwa mereka adalah yang merasa paling terhormat dan berbahagia menerima penghargaan sbg [Best All-Rounder Artiste]. Ella menyebutkan, penghargaan ini tdk hanya menilai dari performa menyanyi mereka saja, tetapi juga dalam berakting dan membwai acara.
Trio ini juga menegaskan bahwa mereka tidak akan bubar. Walaupun mereka mungkin akan mengambil pekerjaan sesuai dengan kegemaran mereka masing2, tapi mereka akan tetap menjadi satu kesatuan.
Keliatannya di SHA, S.H.E juga melakukan usaha keras dan habis2an dalam membalut tubuh mereka dalam balutan gaun Gucci dan Aksesorie senilai 1 juta dolar. Dengan demikina, mereka bertiga harus ekstra hati2 dalam bergerak. Saat kembali ke hotel setelah acara penghargaan tersebut, mereka bertiga langsung menghela nafas lega saat memindahkan perhiasan2 mahal tersebut dari tubuh mereka. Tapi di saat yang bersamaan mereka mendengar para krew berbisik “Eh? Kok bisa ada satu yang kurang?” Trio ini dengan khawatirnya langsung bertanya apa yang hilang?. Akhirnya di ketahui bahwa ini hanyalah salah paham, krew tersebut ternya menunjuk ke sebuah tas tempat menyimpan anting.


Grup popular cewek asal Taiwan, S.H.E tiba di Singapore pada jumat lalu untuk menghadiri acara promo produk terbaru OSIM uKimono. Selain membagikan tips2 dalammengoptimalisasikan penggunaan Slim Belt Massager semi menghasilkan hasil yang bagus, Ella juga membocorkan Perhatian Selina yang tak terbagi saat ada cowok tampan.

S.H.E ada di ION ORCHARD untuk menghadiri kegiatan promo OSIM. Selama presscon, trio ini mengobrol dengan bebas dan terbuka dgn media dan bersenang2 besama fans mereka. Ketika membicarakan tentang ketertarikan terhadap cowok, Selina bercanda bilang bahwa dia menyukai cowo kekar yang karismatik yang harus berotot di tangannnya,perut bagian bawah dan dada nya. Mendengar ini, Ella segera menambahkan “Ketika dia melihat cowok tampan, matanya akan benar2 berbinar..” Selina kemudian membenarkan dgn sungguh2 dia akan melihat dgn seksama kepada siapa yang dia piker tampan, sebagaimana cowok akan melihat gadis yang menurutnya menarik juga. Sementara itu Ella menyebutkan bahwa ketakutan terbesarnya adalah terhadap cowok kemayu. Hebe berkata “ Kalo perut seorang cowok terlalu besar sampai terlihat menonjol keluar dgn celananya, itu juga kan sangat menakutkan.”
Trio ini di balut dalam tiga busana berbeda berwarna putih dgn alat pemijat yang terbaru tersebut di pinggang. Diatas panggung mereka berbicara dengan senangnya, membuat acara ini jadi hidup. Dari chemistry mereka, tidak begitu sulit membayangkan bagaimana dalamnya persaudaraan diantara mereka. Saat interview mereka berbagi bahwa di balik perbedaan kepribadian mereka, mereka satu sama lain saling mempengaruhi. Sampai2 dari hari ke hari mereka akan terlihat mirip. Ella berkata bahwa Selina adalah yang paling optimis diantara mereka, kemudian Ella akan belajar bersikap sperti Selina juga.

Baru2 ini di konser tur dunia mereka di Hong Kong dan Shanghai, S.H.E memamerkan keseksian mereka. Ella mengklarifikasi bahwa imej baru mereka itu hanya untuk melengkapi penampilan mereka di konser, walau bagaimanapun itu tidak berarti eseksian tersebut akan menjadi style S.H.E setelah ini. Akantetapi, selama waktu berjalan , S.H.E juga akan berangsur2 dewasa dan dengan sendirinya memancarkan sensualitas kefemininan.
Selina bilang”Kami sekarang sedang ada di perbatasan dari gadis menuju wanita dewasa, oleh karenanya kami akan memancarkan keseksian yang menggiurkan.” Setuju dengan Selina, Ella lantas menambahkan “di beberapa kesempatan kami memiliki feminitas dan keluguan yang mungkin saja akan menjadi yan paling menarik bagi beberapa cowok.haha!” Hebe pun bergabung “Keseksian yang palin alami munkin akan menjadi yang paling menggiurkan.”
Jadi mungkinkah jatuh cinta membuat seseorang lebih sexy? Saat merespon, Ella berkata”jatuh cinta dan jadi sexy adalah dua hal berbeda. Cinta bisa membuat seseorang menjadi gila, sampai bisa mengubahmu menjadi seseorang yang total berbeda. Tapi saat seorang wanita memiliki kepercayaan diri dan menerima dirinya yang sebenarnya dia akan dengan alaminya memancarkan karisma yang menarik.”
Saat seorang reporters dari dari xin.sg bertanya pada S.H.E seberapa lama lagi S.H.E akan bertahan, trio ini menjawab tanpa ragu bahwa mereka akan terus BERSAMA SELAMANYA. Selina berkata dengan sungguh2, “Kami selalu mengembangkan karir kami di bidang2 yang menurut masing2 dari kami menarik, TAPI KAMI TIDAK AKAN BUBAR!!” Hebe menambahkan “Bahkan ketika kami tidak bisa lagi sanggup di tututan pasar ini (dunia keartisan kali ya maksudnya. XP) persahabatan S.H.E akan selalu berlanjut untung waktu yang lama dan seterusnya.” Ella menunujuk kea rah ikat pinggang pemijat itu dan berkata “Kami akan terikat dengan kuat BERSAMA SELAMANYA..”
Tentu saja, jaminan dari trio ini membangun kepercayaan diri fans, dan fans pun menunjukkann dukungan mereka dengan teriakan dan tepuk tangan yang meriah.


Saat SHA yang ke 15 di adakan jumat lalu, S.H.E dan Mayday masing2 membawa 4 penghargaan. S.H.E memenangkan penghargaan sebagai [Best All-Rounder Artiste] sama sekali tidak ada keraguan. Bagaimanapun, selain menyanyi keikutserataan S.H.E dalam merilis memoir, menjadi host, dan berakting dalam serial idola telah di sambut dengan baik oleh massa.
Sepertinya yang kurang sekarang hanyalah keterlibatan mereka dalam sebuah film. S.H.E berkata dengan tulus bahwa mereka menunggu untuk berakting dalam film layer lebar, tapi mereka belum mendapat script yang sesuai sejauh ini. Dalam iklan terbaru produk yang mereka iklankan, S.H.E bertransformasi kedalam Kungfu-Fighting Girls, dan Ella juga menyebutkan bahwa dia ingin membintangi sebuah film action. Ketika di Tanya siapa artis yang ingin dia kolaborasi, Ella langsung menjawab tanpa berpikir lagi”Jet Li, dia memiliki kemampuan kungfu sungguhan dan merupakan seorang berperikemanusian yang menemukan The One Foundation. Sebuah kehormatan besar bisa berkerja sama dengannya dalam sebuah film action”


Trio ini telah memuji banyak rekan cowok sesama artis seperti Show Luo, Jay Chou, Wu Chun, dan Jerry Yan. Walaupun beberapa dari mereka telah menjadi teman baik, tapi tidak ada satupun yang cocok sebagai pacar!!
Ketika ditanya perihal Jerry yang baru2 ini bekerja sama dengan Ella, dia berkata “Kau akan melihat sisi berbeda dari dirinya saat syuting. Aku merasa sedih untuknya karena dia adalah seorang yang perfeksionis yang jadinya malah menekan dirinya sendiri terlalu banyak. Aku berharap dia benar2 bisa bahagia.”
Kemudian ketiga gadis ini tiba2 jadi semngat lagi, ketika membicarakan criteria mereka untuk Mr.Right dan mereka masing2 berbagi pandangan mereka. Ella berkomentar “SESEORANG YANG SEMPURNA MUNGKIN SAJA BUKAN YANG PALIN COCOK UNTUKMU. DI SISI LAIN HAL YANG PALING PENTING ADALH MENCARI SESEORANG YANG BISA MELENGKAPI DIRIMU DENGAN SEMPURNA”
Hebe mengatakan “Orang itu harus baik, dan humoris untuk menghindari kebosanan dan sinisme”
Selina menambahkan “harus ada pengertian dan rasa percaya yang baik, dan kita harus memiliki chemistry. Saat aku kecil aku selalu bermimpi menikah di umur 28 dan melahirkan di umur 30” Selina baru saja merayakan ultahnya yang ke 28, dan dia berkata walopun dia belum menikah sekarang dia masih menunggu saat berikutnya dan berharap hal itu tidak terlau terlambat
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 11:38 pm

wah..wah..wah... ternyata ximei dah naek pangkat jadi translator assistant hehehe...
thanks ya... bravoooo Very Happy

asyik tuh kalo S.H.E sekali2 maen film action pasti seru n kocak Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySat Nov 14, 2009 9:28 am

wah, saia dapat asisten.. wkwkwk..
makasih ya rekan ximei.. hahaha

pas S.H.E sama mayday gila2an tuh lucu bgt deh.. Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySat Nov 14, 2009 10:01 am

ini ada video BTS nya pas di SHA ...
lucu banget

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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySat Nov 14, 2009 7:06 pm


dlm rangka apa tuh si xi mei yg translator cuakakakaka

ternyata dia bisa ya huahahaha jk2
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySat Nov 14, 2009 8:52 pm

huahahahahahaha itu sekalian belajar pas ada kuis bahasa inggris,, jiakakaka kan katanya si stella lagi sibuk,,jadi bantuin rekan saya lahh sedikit,,wuhehe lagi pula sudah saatnya ximei mmberikan sesuatu untuk S.H.E IFC,,wuedeehhh give aplouse*prok prok prok* wakakakak iya tuuh pasti pas ella nantang mayday tampangnya kocak ahhh jie2 kuuuuuuu mu mu mu mu mu
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 4:04 pm

Untuk Asistennya Stella hahaha.. Very Happy
silakan yang ini juga ditranslate ya..

note : jangan sampai gara-gara mentranslate jadi lupa bikin tugas kuliah lho... Very Happy

Source & URL: http://ent.sinchew-i.com/node/17805


Clarifies Against Talk of Endorsement Fee Is Shockingly High; S.H.E, “We Were Merely Joking.”

S.H.E’s endorsement fee for OSIM uKimono is “shockingly high”? When the media asked S.H.E to confirm if this was true, the trio clarified unanimously, “No. We were merely joking with a light-hearted way. If the media does not appreciate the joke, we will talk more seriously next time then!”

Earlier on when promoting in Singapore, S.H.E’s reply on their “shockingly high” endorsement fee sparked off much speculations. Thus, when they met up with the Malaysian media, the trio was quick to clarity this. “Everyone knows that there is a rule in taking on endorsements, and that is not to reveal the exact fee. We were merely joking then to make the atmosphere more light-hearted. We hope that everyone will not mind the ‘shockingly high’ phrase.”

S.H.E shared that as the brand’s spokespersons for the Greater China region, they are “very satisfied” with the endorsement fee offered.

When asked which offers a better fee between filming and commercial endorsement, the trio said candidly, “Filming (fee) is definitely not comparable to shooting an advertisement. For instance, we do not earn much from making albums nowadays, but to be able to take on commercial endorsements, we have to depend on singing and filming to create marketability! But in reality we are not very particular about fees, it is more important for whole process must be enjoyable.”

In fact, the trio have been patrons of OSIM products even in the past. And now being the official spokespersons, they are definitely elated. They joked merrily that, “From now on, we can even walk about arrogantly in the OSIM outlets to choose the products which suit us.”

Ella Hooked on Being Female-Fighter

The OSIM uKimono advertisement starring S.H.E is now being screened over television in Malaysia. In the advertisement, the trio transformed into “female-fighters”, and Ella even admitted to being “hooked on fighting” and looks forward to filming in an action Kungfu movie!

In the advertisement, S.H.E transformed into “skilful female-fighters” busily kicking away the “fats icon” to symbolise the triumph over flab. Despite in high heels throughout filming and having to repeatedly synchronise their moves making the overall filming process very tedious, the trio exclaimed it was a fulfilling experience. Especially for Ella, she is completely “hooked on fighting” and shared, “I find it really fun and hope that I will have the chance to film in action movies and enjoy the satisfaction of hanging on the wires.”

Late For 90 Minutes, Media Waits in Vain

S.H.E was late for one and half hour for their product endorsement press conference!? In reality, S.H.E was scheduled to make their appearance only at 12 noon. But where exactly has the communication gone wrong to have resulted in the media’s wait in vain!

According to the public relations company’s invitation, the media’s reporting time was at 10.30am, while the news release will start at 11am. But the trio only appeared at about 12.20pm.

Sources who know S.H.E well, shared, given S.H.E’s personalities, if they knew that they were late, they would definitely make a public apology on the spot. Hence after the event, the Malaysian media verified with the trio’s recording company and realised indeed the trio was scheduled to arrive at the press conference only at 12 noon. It is no wonder when the Malaysian media subtly probed S.H.E, “If today’s image styling took a lot of time?”, the trio merely replied, “It’s still alright. Because we only have one image and hairstylist today, so we were already dressing up since 8am!” The miscommunication in time by the organisers nearly resulted in the Malaysian media wrongly blaming S.H.E for being late.

thanks before... jiayou !! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 4:09 pm

Date: 9/11/2009

Source & URL: http://www.zaobao.com/fk/fk091107_009.shtml


S.H.E’s Endorsement Fee Shockingly High?

Taiwan female pop group S.H.E is invited to endorse OSIM’s latest slim belt massager, and the endorsement fee is supposedly shockingly high?

S.H.E was in Singapore for a press conference to promote OSIM’s latest product - “uKimono”. In response to media query on their endorsement fee as the brand’s spokespersons for the Greater China region (which primarily include Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and beyond where many Chinese resides) including Singapore and Malaysia, Ella said jokingly, “The fee is so high that you are bound to be shocked and can’t wait to become an artiste too!”

Just when the media thought she would reveal the exact endorsement fee, she actually replied, “Actually I am unaware too (of the exact amount).”

Following the footsteps of Taiwan’s entertainment scene big brother – Zhang Fei, Taiwan’s number 1 famous model – Lin Chiling, and Hong Kong’s leading male actor Louis Koo, S.H.E is the latest artistes to endorse for OSIM.

Our reporters asked OSIM’s sales manager – Ms Chen Wan Lin if the endorsement fee was 3 times higher this time as all 3 members of S.H.E were invited, compared to using only 1 spokesperson previously. Ms Chen smiled and replied, “It’s just a little bit more.” Evidently with S.H.E’s current popularity and status for the “just a little bit more” fee, this endorsement is definitely “money well spent for a great bargain”. It is little wonder that the Heavenly Group – S.H.E has so many endorsements in different countries.

Over the years, we witnessed many transformations in OSIM’s choice of spokespersons, ranging from handsome hunk, to pretty babe, the matured and healthy elder, and with the latest, is a change from 1 to 3 spokespersons. Thus we seek to find out the reason why S.H.E is chosen as the brand’s latest spokespersons.

Ms Chen Wan Lin explained that it is very easy for fats to be accumulated at ladies’ waist, thus, the slim belt massager is targeted for ladies of all age groups. Meanwhile S.H.E’s bubbly and adorable personalities stand out as the winning factors to become OSIM’s latest spokespersons.

The slim belt massager not only helps ladies shed off the extra flab on their waists, but also enhances and sculptures one’s figure and curves. In conjunction with S.H.E’s showcase of their sexy femininity in the recent world tour concerts in Asia, the slim belt massager is definitely a timely asset.

S.H.E’s Choice of a Sexy Goddess – Shu Qi

S.H.E was subsequently asked what slimming methods have they tried, prior to this endorsement.

Selina said, “Skipping meals. But this is bad for the gastric, as one would tend to binge on the next meal. As a result, it would cause further damage to the body.”

On the other hand, Ella shared that she used to apply “something spicy” on her face, hoping to get rid of the baby fats, but to no avail.

Having seen the trio showcase their sexy femininity on-stage during the concerts recently, we asked the trio who do they consider to be the “Sexy Goddess” in their hearts, and the trio answered unanimously, “Shu Qi.”

OSIM’s slim belt massager comes in 3 different colours to suit the different likings of every lady. S.H.E was also asked on their choice of colours. Ella picked romantic purple, while Hebe favoured energetic orange and Selina has preference for bright red. Thus, everyone gets the favourite colour of their choic with no disputes.

Perhaps this is also the reason why S.H.E has remained one at heart for 8 years. Recently there were rumours of their same-company junior – Fahrenheit disbanding; therefore the media asked if S.H.E, being the senior, has any advice for them. In response, S.H.E said - to each of his own.

Treat Every Concert As If It Is The Last

Next the media asked S.H.E how do they maintain such a close relationship with one another as members of a group?

Ella replied, “There is no room for self-centreness. A group is a group, and the individual has to sacrifice.”

Selina added, “The group’s interest must be above self.”

Hebe said, “When the other member is doing well, you have to feel happy for her and trust that this is for the good of the whole group. Just like when Ella receives overwhelming responses from acting in serials, there are many more fans who get to know about us only through her.”

In the recent years, S.H.E has been adopting the “individual career development without disbanding” strategy. Each member gets to craft and develop their career paths according to their talents and interests. Hence, it was planned for Hebe to have her own solo album.

As to why is it her solo album first, Ella and Selina graciously chorused, “Because she sings best!”

Hebe then revealed that Ella and Selina expressed interests in acting and hosting respectively, thus, they have not considered having their own solo albums.

Nonetheless, the trio is fully aware of the saying – “All good things must come to an end”. Therefore they said, “That is why we will always treat every concert as if it is the last.” This probably also explain why the trio would very easily be moved to tears every time!
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 8:02 am

yang mana in yg di translete?? 2-2 nya?? hokeeeeyyyy asistennya stella siaapp melaksanakaaann!!! wakakaka
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyTue Nov 17, 2009 9:59 am

Trio popular S.H.E adalah gadis gadis polos, ketika mereka memulai karirnya sebagai penyanyi 8 tahun lalu. Namun dengan penampilan mereka sekarang yang begitu menggoda, grup cewek asal Taiwan ini bermetamorfosis menjadi ratu.
Perusahaan rekaman mereka, HIM International Music mengatakan, grup ini telah menghasilkan NT$ 260 juta (mungkin sekitar 78 miliar ya??) hanya dalam jangka waktu 6 bulan belkangan ini.
Mereka telah mucul-baik secara solo maupun sebagai grup- di 17 perusahaan iklan berbeda di Taiwan, China dan berbagai belahan Asia.
Jum’at kemarin, ketiga cewek ini berada di pusat kota untuk peluncuran sebuah produk lagi- Osim Slimming device uKimono. Meskipun mereka dating sedikit terlambat untuk menghadiri acara prescon di Conrad Contennial Hotel- mereka ketiduran, sepertinya- para reporter local langsung memaafkan mereka sekali mereka tampil dengan pesona mereka. Gadis2 ini dengan ramahnya memasang berbagai macam pose untuk dipoto, dan jawaban mereka begitu cepat serta beragam selama sesi interview dengan media.
Satu pertanyaan, pasti menciptakan gelak tawa dan membuat mereka menepuk lengan satu sama lain saat mereka menjawab. Akankah mereka mempertimbangkan tampil dalam iklan pakaian dalam?
Ella Chen dengan ragu2 “Untuk melakukan itu kami harus memikirkannya matang2” gadis berusia 28 tahun dan memiliki rambut pendek itu berkata.
Hebe Tien,26, berbicara lebih terbuka, berkata dengan suara khasnya bahwa mereka tidak keberatan berpose dalam balutan pakaian dalam, jika iklan itu dibuat secara artistic. Tapi kalau iklan tersebut menuntut sang model meloncat naik turun diatas matras, dan ‘dada’ kami harus bergoyang kami tidak akan mau. Dia menambahkan sambil tertawa.
Selina Ren 28, menyetujuinya, dia mengatakan “Iklan itu tidak boleh menghina kaum wanita”
Dia langsung menambahkan “Ketika melompat naik turun ada berlian-berlian jatuh, maka aku akan mempertimbangkannya”
Selina lalu menjelaskan dia mau menjadi ikon untuk perhiasan blin-bling. Grup ini kemudian menyebutkan mereka mungkin akanmenolak tawaran tersebut karena tidak sama sekali sesuai dengan imej mereka yang menggetarkan-muda-dan ceria. “Kami tidak akan melakukan apapun yang ‘buruk’” Ella bilang, “Dan tidak ada benda2 melanggar hukum” Hebe menyambungnya. Selina juga menambahkan“Kami juga tidak akan mengiklankan produk2 pengobatan, karena sudah ada artis yang terbawa masalah karena produknya memiliki masalah”

S.H.E juga menyebutkan, prosuk apa yang mereka harap mereka akan iklankan selanjutnya.
“Mobil” Hebe menjawab”Iklan mobil biasanya memiliki jalan cerita yang menarik”
Ella bahkan menspesifikasikannya “Mercedes Benz boleh juga! Kuharap mereka akan mempertimbangkan kami setelah kalian mencetak laporan ini!!”
Uang sepertinya sudah melimpahi S.H.E Produk yang mereka iklankan dari mulai burger sampai tempat karaoke. Mereka bilang proyek solo digilir diantara mereka untuk memastikan keadilan. Kegiatan Osim uKimono mereka di Orchard di hadiri oleh ratusan fans. Trio ini dengan pedenya mendemonstrasikan cara penggunaan ikat pinggang pemijat yang menguruskan ini, sambil menggoyangkan pinggang dan kaki indah mereka.
Baik si penyanyi dan pihak Osim memastikan untuk membocorkan honor S.H.E tapi Ella malah memberi tahu Koran local LianHe ZaoBao bahwa bayaran mereka benar-benar membuat shock.
“Setelah tau kau pasti tergoda untuk menjadi artis juga” Ella bilang. S.H.E bukan hanya dianggap menarik oleh para produser iklan melainkan juga magnet untuk di gossipkan.

Selina pernah di gosipkan dengan pengacara Taiwan Zhan Chengzhong, comedian Huang Zi jiao, dan pembawa acara Show Luo.

Hebe pernah di laporkan menjalin cinta dengan ikon musik popular Jay Chou, dan actor Li wei.

Sedangkan Ella pernah dikira mengencani Wu Chun, member boyband yang lagi Hot-hotnya di Taiwan, Fahrenheit,, serta lawan mainnya di serial tv THE TRICKS OF BOYS AND GIRLS (emang Ella pernah ya main serial berjudul ini??) yang juga seorang penyanyi- Anthony Kuo. (ini bukannya lawan mainnya di The Rose?? Sayaaa bingguuung,, hahaha)

Dengan fans yang rata-rata adalah cowok dan cewek remaja, S.H.E mengatakan tidak akan pernah berpisah sebagai sebuah Grup yang utuh. Akan tetapi masing-masing personilnya juga akan tetap bersolo karir. Ella yang paling lucu dan humoris diantara ketiganya akan tetap focus ke acting. Selina akan terus menjadi host berbagai variety show. Sebelumnya dia pernah berkolaborasi dengan host no1 Taiwan Jacky Wu dalam Guess Guess Guess. Sedangkan Hebe akan menjadi yang pertama yang akan merilis album solo, yang masih dalam tahap perencanaan ini.


Bayaran S.H.E unruk iklan uKimono begitu tinggi??
Saat media menanyakanan S.H.E perihal perkataan mereka itu, trio ini dengan serempak segera mengklarifikasi “Enggak!! Kami Cuma bercanda untuk mencairkan suasana. Kalo media tidak bisa menerima candaan kami yang seperti itu, lain kali kami akan berbicara lebih serius.”
Sebelumnya saat mereka melakukan promo di S’pore, jawaban S.H.E tentang bayaran mereka yang tinggi mengundang banyak spekulasi. Kemudian saat mereka bertemu dengan media Malaysia, trio ini dengan cepat mengklarifikasi “Setiap orang tahu ada aturan dalam kontrak kerja, yaitu tidak boleh mennyebutkan ‘nilai’ yang sesungguhnya. Kami waktu itu hanya bercanda untuk menghangatkan suasana. Kami harap setiap orang tidak keberatan dengan kalimat ‘shockingly high’ itu”
S.H.E menyebutkan sebagai spokesperson pendatanng baru di wilayah China, mereka cukup puas denngan honor yang ditawarkan.
Ketika ditanya honor mana yang paling menggiurkan, syuting film atau iklan? Trio ini menjawab “Syuting film jelas2 tidak dapat dibandingkan dengan syuting iklan. Sekarang ini kami tidak dapat menghasilkan banyak uang dari penjualan album, tapi agar dapat bisa mendapat job-job iklan kami harus bergantung pada menyanyi dan syuting serial agar bisa terus bertahan di pasar ini. Tapi sebenarnya kami tidak terlalu berfokus pada ‘bayaran’ Membuat proses2 tersebut terasa menyenangkan adalah hal yang lebih penting”
Sebenarnya S.H.E sudah menjadi penggemar produk Osim sejak lama. Dan sekarang sudah menjadi spokesperson resmi produk tersebut, mereka benar2 mearasa senang “Mulai sekarang kami bisa berjalan dengan sombongnya di outlet-outlet Osim untuk memilih program yang cocok dengan kami”

Iklan Osim uKimono ang di bintangi S.H.E sudah di tayangkan di televisi Malaysia. Di iklan tersebut, trio ini bertransformasi menjadi para ‘wanita petarung’ dan Ella bahkan mengakui begitu menyukai petarungan dan benar2 berminat untuk membintangi film Kungfu. Di Iklan tersebut S.H.e bergaya menjadi ‘wanita petarung’ yang berbakat , dengan seriusnya menendang ‘tanda gendut’ untuk menyimbolkan kemenangan mereka terhadapa ‘lemak’. Walaupun dengan higheels, sepanjang syuting dan harus berulang kali menyamakan gerakan mereka, membuat keseluruhan proses syuting jadi mengesalkan, trio ini berseru hal tersebut benar2 pengalaman batu. Khususnya untuk Ella, dia benar2 terobsesi dgn ‘petarungan’ dan berkata “Aku merasa itu begitu menyenangkan dan berharap bisa mendapat kesempatan bermain dalam film aksi dan menikmati rasanya digantung dengan kawat”

Terlambat selama 90 menit, media menunggu dgn kesal.

S.H.E terlambat 1 setengah jam, saat menghadiri prescon? Pada kenyataanya S.H.E di jadwalkan dating pukul 12 siang.
Tapi knp sampai bisa salah paham sampai2 membuat media menunggu dengan kesal?
Menrut undanngan dari pihak Humas perusahaan, waktu peliputan untuk media dilaksanakan pukul 10.30 dan acara promo akan di mulai pukul 11.00.
Berdasarkan data dari sumber yang dapat di percaya, menurut kepribadian S.H.E mereka akan meminta maaf di depan public apabila mereka telat. Setelah event selesai media Malaysia menanyakan kepada pihak HIM, dan kemudian baru menyadari bahwa S.H.E memang dijadwalkan dating jam 12 siang. Nggak herann saat media Malaysia memancing S.H.E dengan bertanya apakah hari ini gaya berpakaian mereka menghabiskan waktu yang begitu lama? Trio ini dengan nada seperti biasanya menjawab “Masih OK lha.. Karena hari ini kami hanya memiliki 1 penata rias kami sudah berdandan sejak jam 8 pagi tadi ” Kesalahpahaman ini hamper saja membuat media Malaysia menyalahkan S.H.E karena dating terlambat.

itu yang terakhir kayaknya sama ama yang di translete boss stella dahhhhh... hehhe jadi gak aku translete...

oia emnag ella pernah maen film apa tuhh yang di sebutkan diatas itu yaaa??? ga pernah denger...heheheheh
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyTue Nov 17, 2009 11:16 am

Haaha... thanks untuk kerja kerasnya Ximei ... plok...plok... *beri tepukan ^^

itu judul hana kimi Mei ,terjemahan inggrisnya jadi lucu...

Anthony itu yang jadi cowoknya di RFTS Mei

Keren tuh S.H.E jadi iklan mercedes.. n moga2 masuk ke indo Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyTue Nov 17, 2009 3:00 pm

haaah?? artinya hana kimi bukanya secretly fall in love with you?? ehh apa itu judul bahasa inggrisnya?? wuaaaa klo gituu aku salahh nerjemahin,,berarti yg dimaksudkan di berita itu wu chunn,,ahaihaihai maaaff salahh *bow* ohh anthony itu yg maen rfts,,yang katanya mantan ella ya in?? wuidiiiihhh kalo s.h.e beneran dipake mersii,,huaaaa speechless dahh!! wkwkwk
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Sheila Lin

Sheila Lin

S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore Empty
PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyWed Nov 18, 2009 5:38 pm

maksudnya gini kali :
And Ella supposedly hooked up with Wu Chun, who is a member of red-hot boyband Fahrenheit and her co-star in Taiwanese drama The Tricks Of Boys And Girls, as well as singer-actor Anthony Kuo.

"Sedangkan Ella pernah dikira berhubungan dengan Wu Chun, member boyband yang lagi Hot-hotnya di Taiwan yaitu Fahrenheit sekaligus lawan mainnya dalam drama taiwan The Tricks Of Boys And Girls. juga dengan penyanyi sekaligus aktor Anthony Kuo."
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 12:19 am

wuahahaha iya sheiill maksudkuu gituu,,salah ngartiin,,kupikir film apa tuh yg disebutin itu termasup kalimat yang punyanya si anthony anthony ituu,,huehehe transletannya blom ku edit,, maaf ya salahh translete maklum modal b.ing pas2an,,*bow* hiehehe
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 8:17 am

Hehe.. aku juga nangkap maksudnya sih..
jadi gak terlalu teliti baca nya....
yang penting isinya tersampaikan

Sudah bagus kok Mei untuk pemula....
Lanjutkan !!! kasihan bu dokter lagi banyak tugas n exam Smile
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 3:24 pm

iya mei terima kasih atas perjuangan mu ,, ckckckkck S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore Icon_razz
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySat Nov 21, 2009 11:52 pm

hiahahahaa iya iya,,, maaf aku pemula yang buruk... ohh ibu stella sedang sibuk-sibuknya ya?? ck ck ck kasian boss ku,, huahahaha

btw itu beneran anthony kuo itu yang pernah pacaran ama ella ya??
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySun Nov 22, 2009 12:48 pm

keliatannya dah biasa digosipin cin lok...
maka nya Ella sekarang waktu ditanya ma Jerry jawabannya santai aja....
dia dah fokusnya cari suami bukan cari pacar , jadi lebih ati-ati pilihnya
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptyThu Nov 26, 2009 2:52 pm

Iyaa juga ya,,mungkin buat naikin rating juga.. ella sudah cari suami,, fiuuuhh setiap hari berdoa buat ella jie,, ternyata menjadi superstar gak gampang,,
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore   S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore EmptySat Nov 28, 2009 10:56 am

hiduP . . .
ella jie - jie ! ! !
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S.H.E @SHA & OSIM Singapore
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