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 Ella 愛~七夕

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PostSubject: Ella 愛~七夕   Ella 愛~七夕 EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 8:15 am


這個天災 讓大家都受苦了
但也因為如此 才知道 大家心裡除了痛 更多了許多的愛
八八水災讓許多家人 失去了家園 失去了朋友 失去了生命
甚至有些人因為救災 犧牲了自己
有錢出錢 有力出力
這個世界需要更多的愛 謝謝你們的愛

因為愛 我們三個走到這一步

我們都是一家人喔 ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Ella 愛~七夕   Ella 愛~七夕 EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 11:14 pm

Translation by : Sy @AF

Love~ Qi Xi *

* sy: Qi Xi refers to the “Double Seventh Festival” aka 7th of July on the Lunar Calendar. This is also known as the “Chinese Valentine’s Day” for many Chinese. The romantic festival came about from touching folklore of a fairy, well-known for her beautiful weaving works, who descended to Earth and subsequently fell in love with a cowherd. This “fairy-and-mortal forbidden love” was not tolerated by the Gods. In the end, the fairy and the cowherd were separated by a Milky Way as punishment. But Heavens was finally moved by their devoted and undying love and pitied them. Thus, the couple is allowed to reunite once every year. Therefore on Qi Xi Festival each year, the magpies would flocked together and formed a bridge over the Milky Way for the couple to come together.

Today is a day of “Love”
And because everyone has played a part to help in the 8-August-Calamity caused by the Typhoon
This day has become even more meaningful as a result of the “Love” shown
This calamity has caused many to suffer
There is so much pain in our hearts
But through this challenge, we also learnt that our hearts is not only filled with pain, but with even more Love too
8-August-Calamity caused many people to lose their homes, their friends and even their lives
There were some people who even sacrificed their lives for others, while on the rescue missions
And lived forever as heros in our hearts
We have seen the glory of humanity
Everyone can be a hero too
As long as you have the means
To give in cash, or in strength
You are already a hero
The world needs more Love and thank you for all the Love you have shown

Coming up next, we will also be organizing a concert full of Love
And all because of Love
Because of this Love, the 3 of us have come so far
We hope that everyone will be able to witness
This Love between us
And because all of you Love us
Thus, we exist
Let us make full use of this meaningful Love to lead a happy and fulfilling life on Earth
Let us make full use of this Love to make the world an even happier and beautiful place

We are one big family
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PostSubject: Re: Ella 愛~七夕   Ella 愛~七夕 EmptySat Aug 29, 2009 8:28 am

Tq ci ud di translate ke inggris,
ad yg bisa ke indo gk?? hehe..
mandarinny sih g ngrti cm gk gt ngrti translate,, hihi..^^
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PostSubject: Re: Ella 愛~七夕   Ella 愛~七夕 EmptySat Aug 29, 2009 5:25 pm

hai Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Ella 愛~七夕   Ella 愛~七夕 Empty

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Ella 愛~七夕
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