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 Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video

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PostSubject: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:10 pm

Tempat post semua video yang ada hubungannya ma bukunya S.H.E
( BTS, promo, dll. )

This is the BTS of the photo shooting of the new book, "3 Spa of Love". They were playing happily during the photo shooting.

Ella explains the name of the book, "3 Spa of Love", means the warmth and coldness in life (You will get into warm and cold water during the spa). In the book, they mention a lot about their emotion. And you have to be naked... Read More to get into a spa. It also symbolizes the nakedness of their stories. Selina said they are naked in telling their stories. They have shared some of their feeling and secrets with the readers. These includes love, friendship and family.

Ella said Hebe suffers from stomachache but she still wrote 20.000 words on her own. Selina said Ella and her spent a month talking to the reporter who wrote for them. Hebe said Selina must be happy because she likes chatting with others. Selina was excited about the chat and she almost revealed everything in her daily life. Everytime they over-run from 2 hours to 3 hours.

Hebe appreciates Ella's drawing very much as she can finish one piece in 10 or 20 minutes but the content is cute and interesting. Ella admited that she chooses to draw in crowded place so that people would praise her drawing. Then she would say she has not learned drawing before. haha ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:20 pm

Ella's story "One handed Superman" 《单手超人》
story about her father...
mengharukan bangeeett.. pas di belakangnya Ella nyanyi lagu untuk papa nya keren banget lagunya ..huks..huks..

Ella describes her dad as "Single-handed Superman". Ella's dad lost his right hand not long after the birth of her eldest sister because of accident. From that time, her dad would cover his right hand when taking photos. Ella discovered this action long after he did it. Once she read the photo album organized by her mom. Everyone got their own in their home and she looked at her dad's. Ella found her dad very handsome when he was young. He has beautiful eyes, straight nose and long legs. His body has good ratio. He is like Chu Liu Xiang (the hero in a classic detective story) in Pingdong. Ella flipped through the photo. She saw the confidence on her dad's face until one photo. She could not hold her tears. In the photo, her dad was in a vest and jeans. He looked handsome but desolate. His eyes looked hollow, like two holes, in front of the camera. There was nothing under his right arm. That was the first photo he took after the lost of his hand.

During that period, Ella always approached her dad and talked with him. "I think you guys will look down upon me because I only have one hand" her dad said suddenly. Ella was so shocked by his thought. Also, it was because she realized that people lost part of their hearts when they lost a hand. This losing part is confidence and happiness. When it grows back, it becomes sadness and anger. But her dad never let them know about his loneliness and sadness. So, Ella and her siblings would only think that he is bad-tempered and support their mom more. In fact, her dad has a fragile heart despite his tough image. He needs their company and understanding.

Ella declares to her dad. "Dad, when I know the word Dad, you are how you look like now. In my eyes, you're still man and strong no matter how you change. I know that whenever I lost a fight, if I can make it home safely, you will protect me. Dad, you know, you are forever the superman in my heart! In fact I wrote a song for you and I hope to give it to you on the Father's Day this year. I want to sing it out loud to let you know you are the Single-handed Superman in my heart!

The following song should be Ella's composition for her dad.

"I love you, dad. Muahmuah!" - Ella

credit : xup3i1in9

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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:24 pm

Hebe's Story "Compromise" <<談妥協>>

S.H.E will share part of the content of their new book in the radio program this week. Today it talks about Hebe's story about "Compromise".


"What is life? Life is time that made up of compromises. The term compromise sounds reluctant. I use this term because I'm a human being. As we have to compromise a lot in life, I pursue a happy, wise and loving way to compromise that everyone would be satisfied. Making everyone satisfied is another battle. This is a slaughter within me and between myself and others. The best way is to be moderate and it leads to a peaceful life.

But a seemingly peaceful life could have a undercurrent. It is because making compromise would cause struggle and uncomfortable, a bit uneasy. However, this is a must for evolution. So, I always think about it, digest it and accept it. Then I can compromise happily.

Everybody likes to eat and drink what they like. I am no exception. Everyone wants to be healthy and live long. I want it too. But these two aspects contradict a lot. I was used to have an 'iron stomach' and I added chili to everything I eat. My motto for food is "If the food is not spicy, it is bad." Since I was so proud, I didn't treat my stomach well. I suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease. Gastric acid makes my stomach unable to receive too much stimulating food, even drinks that contain caffeine. Being a caffeine addict, my life almost turns meaningless. In the end, I compromse again to gastric acid because of my love for my parent, myself and my friends. This is to prevent esophageal cancer taking away my life. Afterall, I believe living is great.

Writing this book is another struggle for me. In the beginning, I really don't want to write at all. And I was angry that why I have to write like others...

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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:22 pm

S.H.E will share part of the content of their new book in the radio program this week. It talks about Selina's story about "Tears of G-Cup". This is the version read by Selina.

The story happened when Selina was in primary 5. At that time, she was the most beautiful girl in her class. She was friends with the second most beautiful girl as they're both beautiful. So other girls would come to their desks and chat with them. They were young and they talked trivial things.

One day, a girl said the breast of Mary Wu was big. During puberty, the one who grow first was usually the focus. Mary cried and the teacher thought it was Selina and her friend who did it. The teacher asked them to stand on the stage but it was really not them who casued the problem. Selina felt unfair because it was people surrounding them talking about Mary.

The teacher asked the boys to bring some basketballs and ordered Selina and her friend to put 2 backetballs under their clothes. Selina's friend was tough like Hebe and she did it without a word. But Selina cried so hard that her clothes all wet and she could not hear what the teacher said. She almost had a cramp.

credit : eiha

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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:27 pm

S.H.E will share part of the content of their new book in the radio program this week. Hebe recalled her memory about tears in her life, "The Memory of Tears".


"Tear Reservoir" means the amount of tear reserved. People said God has assigned everything such as wealth for man. Someone may be born in a rich family but someone may be poor until his death. It also applies to love. Someone receives a lot of love from family, lover, friends and the world. Some people have small "Love Reservoir". Once it is full, they have to give love to others so that they can continue to receive love. "Tear Reservoir" should also be assigned by God or else crying would not be that difficulty for me. I find myself hard to cry and tearless.

My mom said I love crying when I was small. I am sure that my "Tear Reservoir" was used up at that time. Just like stupid hiker who breathe oxygen in his gas tank in the mountainside. When he is most in need of oxygen on the peak, nothing is left in the tank. This is more or less the situation of my tear.

It is very difficulty to cry during the filming of drama. My reason has to be blamed. I always found the storyline unreasonable to cry. Being sad is very enough, why I have to cry like doomsday is coming? The more rational I am, the more difficult for me to cry.

My sisters (Selina and Ella) are crybabies. We always face touching moments and they will start bursting into tears. I feel touched and I have gooseflesh all over my body. But my tears won't come out. Maybe my subconscious thinks it is touching but not to an extent that I need to cry.

Since I was small, I have a touch image that I am not easy to cry. I don't like crying in front of others and the media. It is because crying makes my parent worry. Therefore I trained myself not to cry easily. I would hide myself before I cry. The reason for crying is sometimes trival. It's a bit embarrassing to say here. hahaha Also, my parent would know that they have over-reacted. So I must hide to cry.

During my school time, I thought about the meaning of life. Coming to this world alone is like being placed in a bubble. Drifting around and dying alone. I felt very lonely and I cried hard in my blanket. During the promotion period of the albums, I felt my character is not suitable to deal with the media. I thought I am not a pleasing person and my work is painful. But I truly thought that I have the responsibility to do promotion. So I cried in my room or during bathing. When I was in love, I cried because of trivial things. I cried so hard that I forgot the reason of crying. How silly!

In the recent years, the blockage of my tear gland improved. Some tears come out when I watch movies and read novels. I do not dare to think carefully about the lyrics of some touching songs like Luo Yu Sheng of Jiang Hui and Hui Hu Xi De Tong of Fish Leong. Otherwise, I will cry in KTV or some happy parties. What a shame!

Maybe I cried too much and was such a difficult baby to take care. Now God makes me both rational and sentimental. I cannot cry or simply do not dare to cry when I wanted to. God, you are so naughty.

credit : eiha
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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:58 pm

S.H.E will share part of the content of their new book in the radio program this week. This is the final clip about Ella's sharing about "Things That I Would Have Done".


I know I am not a pretty girl since I was small. My wife (Selina) and Hebe are more beautiful than me. But I know that I am super cute. So I secure my position in the "cute group". No one can kick me out. At the same time, I know that I have the talent to make others happy. I think God has given me this ability and I like this gift.

I become a well-known actress after I joined S.H.E. I can accept people calling me a star but I continue my way of living. I would do something that I would have done in my daily life after work. What are those things? I don't know. If I am aware of it, it is not the things that I would do in daily life! hehehe You get what I mean?

The following content is from a blog, which wrote down something about me. (The blogger's word, reported by Ella are in quotation mark) I would like to respond to it. I admit that his story is real. He came to fix my car.

"Our appointment is in the underground carpark. She said the lamp is not functioning. As I am professional, I bought the lamp to the carpark and fixed it directly. When my client walked out from the lift, I found that she is Ella, the cutest one in S.H.E! I thought superstar would wear make-up when they go out..." Yes, I did not wear make-up and I even wore a short. And I discover that you (the blogger) looked amazed. "She is nice and wants to help." It is because you were busy carrying a bucket of water, changing the wire and the lamp. If the bucket was knocked over and spoiled the wire, you would have to fix the car again. "She has to use the car right after I fixed it and she asked me whether I need a ride. Oh my god! She drove me out until I reached my car. I felt so shy! She is very nice!" But you looked so calm and have no facial expression all along. You have so many monologs in your heart! "But her driving skill is not that good. The gear-changing is not smooth. The car halted a bit when she starts the car." Hm... No. It is beacuse I forgot that the gear stopped at BACK so the car halted a bit. It is not like I was afraid and I halted. My driving skill is great! I am the King of Car! This is what I read on the blog.

Once I have holiday and I hanged out with my friends in Pingdong. We sat in the railway station and chatted. A train arrived and a native couple got off. They asked me the direction of the exit and I told them. The husband asked me the location of a hospital. "That is far." I thought. His pregnant wife had a huge tummy that she looked ready to give birth in the next minute. They planned to ride a taxi. But believe me, as a local resident, I know it is impossible to find a taxi there. Let me give you a ride! Then they walked with me to my home and I drove them to the hospital. When we arrived, they asked me with a blush whether I am Ella from S.H.E. "Oh can you take a photo with us for memory?" they asked. I agreed. Later, I knew that they came to find their relatives in Pingdong. They kept saying thank you to me. If they like Pingdong more because of this incident, I would be happy. I hope their baby would be healthy and happy. This is nothing special for me. This is things that I would have done. Whenever I hear my friends saying "Um... I've thought about.... but....um" They do not act because they are afraid that their passion would frighten others. If this is something that you would have done, why you have to care about what others think? The worst case is being rejected. According to my experience, maybe they are a bit nervous at first, they feel happy to know that there are people who share the same thinking with them - to do what they would have done. I wish more people recognize it and go ahead to do what you would have done.



Hehehe....asyik banget tuh bisa satu mobil ma Ella
yup bener2 kasi teladan yang baik tuh...
lakukan apa saja untuk membantu orang selagi kita masih bisa ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:40 am

Press conf Ai de 3 wen nuan
cuma S ma H karena E lagi shooting di hangzhou
Hebe lucu banget masuk ke stage sambil lari Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:44 am

pas yg lari itu lucu haha...bukan lucu. tp kocak haha...
ngakak gw pas pertama liat haha...
gw ulang2 terus malah haha...

ada2 aja si hebe haha

selina cantik jg...
posternya ella dimain2in haha
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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:07 pm

salut buat hebe yg pake high heels tapi masi bisa lari tanpa kepelset ato jatoh [langganan kan c hebe mah]
c selina cantik yaaa.. rok nya lucu..
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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:23 am

storynya ella sediih kali...mpe nangis...ella i love u
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PostSubject: Re: Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video   

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Ai De 3 Wen Nuan 《爱的3温暖》Video
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