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 Forgets to kneel for proposal, Selina drunk with laughing

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PostSubject: Forgets to kneel for proposal, Selina drunk with laughing   Mon May 31, 2010 4:13 pm

Berita tentang A Tiong Very Happy

Selina's lawyer boyfriend Richard Zhang addressed her by "wife" two nights ago, and then tactfully proposed to her. According to sources, he was subtle but encompassing, and sought advice from Hebe and Ella before requesting their management company to "relax" S.H.E's itinerary. Two days ago he implied that something important was going to happen to Mother Ren, and asked for her consent. But because he was too nervous, he was too occupied calling "wife" and forgot to finish off the traditional process, which includes a proposal on one knee. Selina kept bursting into laughter during the afterparty, "He secretly added whisky into the Coca Cola bottle, I could tell that he was drunk, and afterwards he said, 'I was too shocked'!"

Mother Ren also laughed, "I didn't know he would propose during the concert, I was played." But she also happily said, "He's very compassionate and caring, mature, and very talented. He's in a bit of a rush though, it's the right time for him to get married."

9 year age difference, wishes for Selina to become a normal housewife

Mother Ren wishes for Selina to become a normal housewife, and supports the relationship between the pair, although they have a nine year age difference. Father Ren has always been critical of his daughter's boyfriends, and with Richard, he said, "He is a person worth spending the rest of her life with", and further helped gain more votes for the pair, "We need to wish them luck."

Ah Zhong (Richard) is 37 years old this year and he graduated from Taiwan National University in the Law faculty. Currently, he is the senior director of Union Insurance Company, while his father Zhang Shi Liang is a KMT legislator. With such a prestigious background, the Ren family has always praised Selina's compatibility with Zhang's family.

Good partners, Hebe and Ella help move the relationship on

How did the pair start off? Actually, Mothers Zhang and Ren introduced them, as they are both Shilin Vocational teachers and good friends. After retirement, Mother Ren encouraged Richard to visit Selina often, and with Hebe and Ella "rushing them to move things faster", Selina and Richard's relationship blossomed.

Very fortuitous that their relationship was out in the open

Selina said, "I love his forth-righteousness." She has never publicly admitted to the relationship, and excitedly said, "I'm finally able to bask in happiness like a little lady. I'm very lucky that I will be able to have my relationship out in the open." She and Ah Zhong had previously agreed not to address each other by "lao gong" and "lao po", "because this title should only be used after marriage." However, he broke the rules and publicly called her "wife", so she also answered in public, "Ah Zhong, thank you, I love you!" Hebe and Ella also chimed in, "We are also very happy in this one second."

Ah Zhong's character is very low-key, and he has been on-and-off with Selina many times because of her fame. To placate him, she once wrote the song "Quieted down" for him, "The media took a picture of us before, and he thought it was 'a big deal out of nothing'. I understood his pain. No one is 100%
perfect, but he is the best person I've met thus far."

Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @ http://asianfanatics.net/
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PostSubject: Re: Forgets to kneel for proposal, Selina drunk with laughing   Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:04 am

artinya pliss...
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Forgets to kneel for proposal, Selina drunk with laughing
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