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 S.H.E diberitakan terlambat 8 jam untuk shooting TV

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PostSubject: S.H.E diberitakan terlambat 8 jam untuk shooting TV   Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:09 pm

S.H.E eight hours late for TV recording
Source: Yahoo! News

S.H.E is the most popular Taiwanese girl group in Mandopop, but neither the crew nor audience at a TV show recording would have anticipated waiting for eight hours before the girls showed up, only to hurriedly leave after filming their whirlwind appearance.

The members Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen were invited by veteran Malaysian-Chinese singer-songwriter Eric Moo to guest star in a segment of the Chinese singing variety programme, Beijing Mi Gu's Celebrity School.

Flming was originally scheduled to start at 1.30pm but it was pushed back for an hour. Due to the delay in the S.H.E's schedule, the production team decided to film the show's other segments with the other celebrities present. But even after all that was completed, Eric said that the girls were only "still on the way."

The production team then recorded another segment featuring collaborations between celebrities and the students of the Celebrity School, but S.H.E was still nowhere in sight. An increasingly anxious Eric said, "If they are not here even after filming ends, I'll just have to go onstage and sing 'Super Star'."

At 9pm, the group finally arrived. By then the production crew had eaten their dinner and filmed the segment featuring the students. Despite their tardiness, the trio kept smiling throughout the recording and enthusiastically waved at fans, who have been patiently waiting for them since 1pm.

As soon as they arrived, the apologetic girls hurriedly left for another job assignment after sharing a tune with their label junior, Judy Zhou, and giving a short critique on the performances of the students in the Celebrity School.

Sehari kemudian , reporter meralat kalau S.H.E tidak terlambat Very Happy
Media memang suka cari sensasi


Organisers Clarified on Misunderstanding - S.H.E was Not Late For Studio Filming

Yesterday some netizens posted information that S.H.E was late for 8 hours for the studio recording for [Mi Gi Celebrity College] programme and the trio had not look apologetic upon arriving at the venue. To verify on the authencity of this claim, our reporter contacted the crew member for this programme. The organisers have clarified that this is all a misunderstanding. S.H.E was not late and they did arrive on time for the scheduled filming.
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E diberitakan terlambat 8 jam untuk shooting TV   Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:25 pm

Dasar!! berita macam apa ini?? ck ck ck,, jadi klo ini semua cuma slh paham,lantas knp bs salah paham bgini?
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E diberitakan terlambat 8 jam untuk shooting TV   Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:03 am

Dragon TV’s Official Response to Rumours: S.H.E Was Not Late for [Mi Gu] Studio Recording

Recently, several print and online media published news stating that Mandarin-pop idol heavenly group, S.H.E, kept crew members, fellow guest stars, audience and fans waiting for eight hours during a studio recording for a singing contest programme. To authenticate this information, our reporter contacted the personnel-in-charge of Dragon TV’s [Mi Gu Celebrity College] via the phone. In the end, we learnt the truth, which was totally the opposite of what was published by the various media.

According to the personnel, the scheduled arrival time in Beijing airport for S.H.E’s flight that evening was around 7pm. Hence the production team specially prepared the human-sized S.H.E stands to stand-in for the trio during the recording of the programme’s opening. According to the filming schedule of [Mi Gu Celebrity College] for this 8th installment, S.H.E was the invited guest stars to “help” the blue team led by Eric Moo. They will help the blue team members to score higher points during the “Celebrities Help to Sing” segment. During the afternoon, other invited guest stars such as Yu Quan, Sa Dingding, Huang Ling, Huang Zheng, Li Hui Zhen etc, arrived punctually and filming for their parts commenced as scheduled.

About 8pm in the evening, S.H.E was inside the recording studio to prepare for filming. By past 9pm, filming commenced as scheduled. When S.H.E came onstage, fans exclaimed and cheered aloud, filling the studio with endless applause and never before enthusiasm. From the moment S.H.E touched down in Beijing airport to the time they finished the studio recording, the trio was not able to even have a proper meal. During the night, S.H.E and their junior from the same record company – Judy Chou, who is currently in the top ten of [Mi Gu Celebrity College], made a debut performance on their first duet – [Liang Ge Ren De Huang Dao] (lit transl: The Couple’s Deserted Island). This song will also premiere on China’s wireless mobile music website. In the end, S.H.E and Judy Chou’s spectacular performance received the highest score for the evening.
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E diberitakan terlambat 8 jam untuk shooting TV   Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:13 pm

thx jie newsnya,, kok baca ini jadi inget incident yang di malay juga ya,, yang di bilang terlambat 1,5 jam itu.. ckckckckc
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E diberitakan terlambat 8 jam untuk shooting TV   Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:03 pm

zzzz dasar reporter geje, kalo nulis ga dipikir dulu... ckckck..
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E diberitakan terlambat 8 jam untuk shooting TV   

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S.H.E diberitakan terlambat 8 jam untuk shooting TV
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