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 S.H.E @ Jia Xing

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PostSubject: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:23 pm

Source & URL: http://jx.zjol.com.cn/05jx/system/2009/10/24/015957503.shtml

"Have you ever seen S.H.E in real person? My daughter loves them but we can't enter the venue without tickets. Please help me bring this CD in for their autograph." Yesterday afternoon, our journalist was entasked by an aunty to accomplish this mission when we rushed to "China M-Zone 2009 Mobile Music By Your Side - S.H.E Jia Xing Press Conference & Meet-the-Fans Session" (literal translation) held in Jia Xing Stadium. Selina appeared in a swan-like skirt, Ella wore a flowing top, and Hebe in princess-sleeves top. S.H.E is not only coordinated in pink in their costumes, but also extremely approachable and adorable.

Appeared in Midst of Cheers

"S.H.E looks so much more petite than via television programme." The moment S.H.E alighted from their vehicle, many awaiting fans outside the door were already trying to catch a glimpse of their idols. Under the escort of security officers, S.H.E finally managed to make their way into the venue of the press conference. Compared to their "greenhorn looks" when they first entered the industry, S.H.E now appeared feminine and adorable in their pink outfits, and the media could feel their friendliness and approachability. "Actually we did not intentionally change our images. It is just a natural progression in our performance expressions in conjunction with our concert's songs and dances images." S.H.E answered naturally in response to the media's probes.

Jia Xing Mobile Music's Meet-The-Fans session is also the platform for S.H.E to promote their 3rd series of World Tour Concert, which will be held on 31 Oct 2009. As 31 Oct is also Selina's birthday, when the media asked if there would be a birthday surprise for Selina during the concert, Hebe and Ella answered teasingly, "Selina would definitely wonder how come her birthday will just pass so plainly this year." Even if there would be surprises, we believe that they would definitely not reveal anything before Selina's birthday, but she said her fears would be being moved to tears again during her birthday.

Pink as Theme, Adorableness is in the Air

Amidst loud cheers, Selina came on-stage in a swan-like ruffles skirt, while Ella appeared in a flowing top and Hebe donned princess-sleeves. S.H.E's adorable pink costumes drove fans to exclaim aloud. Ella as her usual bubbly and lively self, with Hebe's wittiness, dances the best and Selina is sweet and gentle. In addition, with the humour from Li Chen, Channel V's VJ as emcee, the crowd was roaring with laughter with the jokes. S.H.E performed their signature songs such as [Chinese Language], beautiful [May Day], and upbeat [Super Star]... Fans at the event also joined the trio to sing along.

Other than the songs performance, there was also an interaction segment. In Jia Xing Mobile's special "Hand Printing" segment, lively Ella playfully climbed onto the table to better add her weight onto her palm to create a "Big Powerful Palm Print". This caused the emcee Li Chen to tease her by saying, "Be careful, in case you sink your hand too deep into the mold, you won't be able to pull your palm out later." During the interaction segment, it was a test for the audience's listening ability as they played the "tongue twister" games, "Recording for S.H.E 3G Commercial" and "Follow the Leader - M-Zone Pass the Message". Everyone in the audience laughed until their sides ache. Meanwhile each member of S.H.E also received "love letters" from their fans.

All Audience Celebrated Selina's Birthday in Advance

As 31 Oct is Selina's birthday, all the fans present at the Meet-The-Fans session sang a "Happy Birthday" song to celebrate her birthday in advance. Again, Selina was almost in tears.

Despite only their 2nd visit to Jia Xing, S.H.E shared on their memories of the local dumplings. "Whenever we pass by Jia Xing, we would be tempted to buy a few dumplings to eat." Given such endearing words, it is no wonder the local Jia Xing people feel close at heart with S.H.E.


Source & URL: http://www.cnjxol.com/xwzx/jxxw/wtxw/conte...ent_1191177.htm

S.H.E Rocks Jia Xing High Park Yesterday
Fans' Mood High from Throughout the Whole Event

After inviting Gigi Leung and Steve Chow for their promotion events, China M-Zone Jia Xing branch office invited Asia's Number One Female Heavenly Group S.H.E yesterday to Jia Xing. Indeed the trio prove themselves to be the most popular female group as the fans were elated and high throughout Meet-The-Fans session organised by the company!

S.H.E: Unpretentious & Adorable Personality Wins Everyone Over

S.H.E was rushing down to Jia Xing from Shanghai for their Meet-The-Fans session, initially scheduled for at 7pm in the evening. However the starting time for the event was further postponed several times. By 7.40pm, there appeared to be some slight commotions amongst restless fans. Nonetheless, S.H.E's charms is indeed a winner. When they appeared on stage at about 7.45pm, dressed in adorable pink, all the fans immediately forgave the lateness and instantly welcomed the trio with loud applause.

During the session, the trio performed a total of 5 songs of different genres, which included the sentimental [Locked the Time], the rap-song [Chinese Language] and the classic [Super Star]. The fans' enthusiasm also caused the event venue to be filled with heightened moods and passion!

Amongst S.H.E, Ella has got to be the most "mischievous" one. During the Jia Xing Mobile's special "Hand Printing" segment, the playful Ella actually climbed onto the table. But yet this quaility of her personality is exactly what won the praises of many fans present, "We have finally witnessed the real S.H.E!"

Netizens on jx99hao.com's Interview S.H.E

S.H.E's popularity on jx99hao.com is indeed proven. When the media released information of S.H.E's arrival earlier, many netizens already posted questions to express their concern for S.H.E. Yesterday during the Meet-The-Fans session, our journalist decided to help relay some of these questions on behalf of the netizens.

Q1: The relationship between the 3 of you has always been good. Please share how much longer do you think you all can persevere together?

S.H.E: Indeed, our relationship is very good. Therefore we will continue to persevere together, forever!

Q2: How would your ideal boyfriends be like?

S.H.E: Kind, humourous, responsible and filial.

Q3: Between friendship and love, which is more important?

S.H.E: Both are equally important, unless the 3 of us decided to fall for the same man (laughs aloud)! Trust us, when we say we have a good balance of things.

Q4: We've paid attention to your recent concert earlier and observed that you have a hot performance lined up. Are you going to change your images already?

S.H.E: We have not. Basically, it is in conjunction with the stage setting and costumes for the concert etc, that we have to also match the theme for our performance attitudes and styles accordingly.

Q5: Please reveal some details about the programme line-up for your concert on 31 Oct in Shanghai. Coincidentally, that day is also Selina's birthday, will Hebe and Ella have any surprises in store for her?

S.H.E: We hope that all our fans will be able to come for the concert then. And you will surely know what are the programmes lined up when you are there! As for surprise - it will be nothing at all; so as to let her feel that her birthday can actually also be "plain" and normal! Hahaha, of course we are only joking. The real surprise can never be revealed before hand to anyone!

~ End of Translation ~
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:45 pm

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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:24 pm

@Adi : thanks sudah upload pic nya soalnya tadi gak sempet hehe Very Happy
kerja team yang bagus hehehe
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:59 am

diii kalo mau upload pic gmna carany ya????
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:52 pm

gambar tangannya lucu bgt....
jari nya gendut2 gt...LoL

@lena: kyknya cara upload pic sih tinggal click icon yg d atas, yg d antara B I U ma icon bwt emotion... truz cari yg image...yg gambarnya kotak...kyk nya sih caranya gt...bner ga di??gw jg ga prnh upload pic sih...hehehe
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:11 pm

@ iin: sama2.

@ dudu: yup2,klick icon or tambah [img][/img] aja

@ lena: lwt photobuket or imagechack jg bs hehe

iya,gambar tangannya lucu.
kyk yg gambar anak kecil lol!
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:35 pm

waw ! ! !

sii hebe tambaH lma tambaH cantiK iaa . . .

bjunYa seLina sama Hebe
hampir sama
warna nYa . . .

quE kira kembaR . . .
ternYata enggak toH . . .
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:11 pm

@ du @ dii - Kok gk bisa ya???
uda g klik yg "host an image" trus g browser n host it , tp gk bs jg???
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:59 pm

sudah ditambah [img][/img] blum?? tangan s.h.e memang ndut,,tapi lentik banget,,sampe gregetan klo nglit mreka maen piano,,kyaaaa!!! itu ada yg blg "we have already witnessed the real S.H.E" wkwkwk kocakk!! trnyata dia ga percaya betapa gokilnya s.h.e hiahaha,,ngomong2 jia xing sblh mananya china si??
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:49 am

ximei wrote:
sudah ditambah [img][/img] blum??

Uda mei,, bingung,,wkkwkw...
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:28 am

wakakakakaak saya juga bingung jadinya... jiakakak gak pernah uplod sihh..hehe
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:44 am

Ini aku lagi iseng2 translete.. mav ya kalo bahasanya gak bagus,, gak ahlii dalam bidang ini saya... wakakakaak

“Apa kau pernah melihat S.H.E secara langsung? Anak ku menyukai mereka tapi kami tidak bisa memasuki tempat acara tanpa ticket. Plis tolong aku memberikan CD ini untuk mereka tanda tangani” Kemarin siang, wartawan kami di mintai tolong oleh seorang bibi, untuk melakukan permintaan tersebut ketika kami pergi ke “China M-Zone 2009 Mobile Music By Your side- S.H.E Jia Xing Press Conference & Meet-the-fans-session” Yng diadakan di Staduim Jia Xing. Selina Tampil dengan rok swan-like, Ella mengenakan atasan bergelombang, dan Hebe dengan baju berlengan seperti putri. S.h.E tidak hanya berkompakan dalam berkostum tetapi juga mereka sangat sangat cantik dan imut.

S.H.E muncul di tengah teriakan.

“S.H.e terlihat lebih mungil dari pada yang terlihat di tivi”. Saat S.H.E turun dari kendaraan, banyak fans yang sudah menunggu di luar pintu sudah mencoba melihat idola mereka. Di bawah pengamanan ketat, akhirnya S.H.E berhasil mencapai tempat dilaksanakannya prescon. Dibandingkan dengan penampilan “greenhorn”mereka saat baru pertama kali memasuki industri ini, S.H.E skrng berpenampilan feminine dan cantik dalam balutan kostum pink mereka, dan para wartawan dapat merasakan keramahan dan keterbukaan. “Sebenarnya kami tidak dengan senngaja merubah image kami. Itu hanyalah progress alami di dalam penampilan dan ekspresi yang berhubungan dengan lagu2 dan tarian di konser kami” kata S.H.E dengan santai ketika menjawab pertanyaan wartawan.
Jia Xing Mobile Music’s Meet-The-Fans sesi juga di jadikan sebagai tempat untuk mempromosikan konser world tour ketiga mereka, yang akan di laksanakan pada 31 okt 2009. Secara 31 Okt itu juga Sellina’s b’day, ketika para wartawan menanyakan apakah akan ada birthday surprise untuk selina selama konser berlangsung, Hebe dan Ella menjawab dengan menggoda “Selina akan benar2 penasaran bagaimana bisa ulang tahunnya lewat dengan begitu saja tahun ini”. Bahkan bila memang akan ada surprise, kami percaya mereka tidak akan membongkarnya sebelum hari Ultah Selina, tapi Selina mengatakan ketakutannya adalah menangis saat ultahnya nanti.

Pink sebagai temanya, Keimutan terjadi di tengah riuh rendah teriakkan penonton, Selina naik panggung dalam balutan swan-like rok, sementara Ella tampil denngan atasan bergelombang, dan Hebe dengan baju berlengan seperti putrid. Kostum pink S.H.e yang begitu imut membuat fans berseru dengan keras. Ella sebagaimana dirinya yang cerewet dan penuh dengan semangant, sedangkan Kepandaian Hebe, menari dengan baik, dan Selina yang manis dan lembut. Sebagai tambahan dengan lelucon dari VJ Li Chen, para penonton dibuat tertawa oleh lelucon2 mereka. S.H.E menyanyikan beberapa lagu hits mereka seperti [zhong guo hua],[wu yue tian], dan super star. Para fans juga bernyanyi bersama mereka.

Selain menyanyi, ada juga segment interaksi. Di segmen Jia Xing Mobile’s special “Cetakan tangan”, dengan kocaknya Ella naik ke atas meja untuk menitik beratkan berat tubuhnya pada telapak tangannya demi menghasilkan cetakan tangan yang kuat dan besar. Hal ini menyebabkan emsi Li Chen justru menggodanya dgn berkata “Hati hati, jika kau menenggelamkan tangan mu terllau dalam ke ‘mold’ nya, bisa2 nanti kau tidak dapat menariknya lagi”. Selama segmen interaksi ini, ada juga test kemampuaan pendengaran para audiens, sementara mereka bermain ‘tounge twister’ game, “merekam komersial 3G nya S.H.E”, “ikuti pemimpinnyadan oper pesannya” setiap orang tertawa sampai perut mereka sakit.

Sementara Masing2 personil S.H.e juga menadapat surat cinta dari fansnya.

Fans merayakan Ultah Selina lebih dulu.

Secara tanggal 31 okt adalah hari ultah Selina, seluruh fans yang hadir menyanyikan lagu “Happy Birthday” untuk merayakan ultah seina lebih awal. Lagi, Selina hamper menangis karenanya.
Walaupun ini barulah kali kedua mereka ke Jia Xing, S.H.E bercerita ingatan tntng’dumpling’. “kapan pun kami lewat Jia Xing, kami akan tergoda membeli beberapa dumpling untuk dimakan” Denagna kata kata itu, nggak heran penduduk local merasa dekat di hati dengan S.H.E

S.H.E mengguncang Jia Xing High Park kemarin, MOOd Fans begitu High selama acara berlangsung.

Setelah mengundang Gigi Leung dan Steve Chow kegiatan promosi mereka, China M-Zone Jia Xing branch office mengundang Grup cewek heavenly nomer satu S.H.E kemarin ke Jia Xing. Jelas trio ini membuktikan ketenarannya sebagai grup cewek paling popular secara fans begitu bersemangant dan high selamat acara meet-the-fans berlangsung.

S.H.E sikap yang tidak berpura-pura dan imut-imut memenangkan hati setiap orang.

S.H.E pergi menuju Jia Xing dari Shanghai untuk sesi meet the fans mereka, awalnya di jadwalkan akan dilaksanak pukul tujuh sore. Akan tetapi jam mulainya terundur jadi jam 7.40 sore, mereka baru muncul saat di tengah fans yang sudah lelah menunggu. Tapi, wlau bagaimanapun pesona S.H.E tetap menjadi pemenangnya. Ketika mereka muncul di panggung sekitar jam 7.45 pm, berpakaian dalam kostum pink yang imut, seluruh fans dgn segera melupakan keterlambatan mereka dan langsung menyambut kedatangan trio ini dgn tepuk tangan meriah.

Selama sesi tersebut berlangsung, total S.H.E menyanyikan 5 lagu dari genre yang berbeda, yaitu suo zhu shi jian, zhong guo hua, dan superstar. Antusiasme fans juga menyebabkan tempat acara di penuhi dgn kegembiaraan.

Diantara S.H.E, Ella menjadi yang paling jail. Saat Jia Xing’s Mobile segment special ”cetakkan tangan”, Ella yang iseng naik ke atas meja. Tapi tetap, kepribadiannya yang seperti inilah yang memendapat pujian dari fans yang hadir. “Akhirnya kami bisa melihat S.H.E yang sesungguhnyaa!!”

Para netter di interview S.H.E jx99hao.com, telah membuktikan popularitas S.H.E. Ketika media menyebutkan tentang kedatangan S.H.E sebelumnya, banyak netter yang langsung bertanya untuk menegkpresikan kekhawatiran mereka pada S.H.e. Kemarin saat sesi Meet-the-fans, wartawan kami memutuskan untuk menuliskan beberapa pertanyaan yang diajukan S.H.E seperti dibawah ini.

1: Hubungan diantara kalian bertiga selalu baik baik saja. Tolong jawab menurut kalian berapa lama kalian bisa bekerjasama bersama2?
S.H.E:Memang, hubungan kami sangat baik. Makanya kami akan terus bekerja sama bersama selamanya!!

2: bagaimana tipe pacar ideal kalian?
S.H.E : Baik,humoris,bertanggung jawab, dan seperti anak kecil.

3: Diantara persahabatan dan cinta mana yang paling penting?
S.H.E :Dua2 nya penting sih, kecuali kalau kami bertiga memutuskan untuk jatuh cinta pada orang yang sama (tertawa keras) percaya deh, saat kami bilang kami memiliki keseimbangan yang baik dlm banyak hal.

4.Kami telah memperhatikan konser kami baru2 ini, dan telah menyadari deretan performance sexy kalian. Apa kalian telah merubah imej kalian?
S.H.E : Tidak kok! Pada dasrnya hal ini berhubungan dengan latar panggung dan kostum untuk konser, dan bahwa kami juga harus menyesuaikan denagan tema untuk sikap saat tampil beserta denagan gaya kami.

5: Tolong bocorkan beberapa detail, tentang deretan acara di konser 31 oktober mendatang dong, kebetulan hari itu juga selina ultah kan, apakah Hebe dan Ella sudah memiliki kejutan untuk dia??
S.H.E : Kami berharap seluruh fans kami bisa datang ke konser dan kamu pasti bakalan tau apa aja deretan acara saat kamu sudah berada di sana ^^ Kalo masalah kejutan, nggaj bakalan ada apa-apa kok.. Jadi kami akan membiarkan Selina merasakan kalu ultahnya juga bisa biasa biasa saja dan normal hahahah! Tentu saja kami bercanda,, kejutan yang sesungguhnua gak akan pernah bisa di bongkar ke siapapun..
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:42 pm

ximei wrote:
Ini aku lagi iseng2 translete.. mav ya kalo bahasanya gak bagus,, gak ahlii dalam bidang ini saya... wakakakaak

Gpp mei * uda bgs u mau trnsletin * hehe

“S.H.E:Memang, hubungan kami sangat baik. Makanya kami akan terus bekerja sama bersama selamanya!!

Setuju .. cheers
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:05 pm

translator kita mungkin sedang sibuk,, hehe kasian stella ternyata kerjannya berat juga,, wkwkwk YUUPP!! saya juga setujuuuu!! S.H.E memang togeder poreper dahh!!! wkwkwk
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PostSubject: Re: S.H.E @ Jia Xing   

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S.H.E @ Jia Xing
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