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 Dedicated in Love, Selina Revealed Being Lowly in Love and Knelt Down before Former Boyfriend

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PostSubject: Dedicated in Love, Selina Revealed Being Lowly in Love and Knelt Down before Former Boyfriend   Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:44 pm

Dedicated in Love, Selina Revealed Being Lowly in Love and Knelt Down before Former Boyfriend
Source: stars.zaobao.com
Translations by: Syyang @ asianfanatics.net

Selina and Ella can be said to be totally dedicated and devoted in love. When in love, their boyfriends would outweigh everything else in their hearts. Selina would even be willing to be as lowly as a maid to kneel before her boyfriend; meanwhile Ella would choose to believe in the lousy excuses her ex, who was two-timing her, had given!

SHE’s new book - [3 Spas of Love] was launched last Friday. In the book, the trio dismissed the burdens from their “idol images”, to share on their personal stories in their growing up years, and also some inner feelings and thoughts. In addition, the trio also revealed their love stories which everyone was interested in.

Under the article of “Love – 1, 2, 3”, Selina mentioned a former boyfriend who had caused her to transform from Princess to Maid. The other party is “tall and handsome, and extremely eloquent”. However this relationship caused Selina to lose herself totally, “I amended all my shortcomings which were in his views, and did many things which I assumed he would be able to feel for as long as I did my very best. I tried my best to dress up, and even knelt down before him.” Despite she had not quoted names, but from Selina’s rumoured list of boyfriends (Show Luo, David Tao, Mickey Huang etc), it seemed Xiao Zhu (Show Luo) appeared to fit the description of “tall and handsome, and extremely eloquent” most.

The heartbroken relationship left Selina feeling disappointed in love. But luckily with the encouragement of her sisters - Ella and Hebe, she finally braced herself to move forth to pursue the 3rd part of her “Love – 1, 2, 3”. In this new relationship, both parties have admiration for each other and never attempted to change the other person. Thus, the relationship makes her feel stable and real. The first birthday gift from the other party was not roses, nor diamonds; but a GPS, as he knew that Selina has no sense of direction on the road. This gift made her feel totally at home and secure, and definitely weighs more than any roses and diamonds.

With regard to her new romance, she wrote in her analogy, “Love – 1, 2, 3 is like a drama serial I took up when I’m in the most relaxed state of mind. During then, I know it would be a love story. No matter how it might look as small-scale or close-to-real life initially, it is still worth slowly savoring its flavor.”

Devoted Ella Blamed Herself for Being Too Busy, When Her Ex Was Two-Timing Her

Cheerful and bubbly Ella would be very, totally serious and devoted when she falls in love. Even if the other party might be two-timing her, she might even still choose to trust him. Her reason being, “Because I know he is very lonely, and because I am not by his side.”

Ella shared that her ex-boyfriend used to give very lousy excuses to explain his frequent disappearances. Very often, she would also accept these lousy reasons. Once while both of them were chatting on web-cam, Ella suddenly heard the doorbell ring, followed by the sound of someone entering the house. Her ex then immediately turned off the web-cam! On her monitor screen, she saw him type - The pizza deliveryman is here.

Such a lousy excuse made Ella feel very sad, “Exactly because I knew that is another one of his lousy excuses. How could a pizza deliveryman open the door to enter the house? I’ve seen that door; it was a card-access system…”

Unrestrained Hebe, Having Loved is More than Enough

In comparison to Selina and Ella’s devotion and dedication, Hebe appeared a lot more cautious in love. She chose not to reveal her relationship in the book, but instead shared on her views in love. “Love, having loved is more than enough. Love, once over will not leave much sentiments. Love, once gone will not have hatred and grumbles. Love, once over, there’s no in vain or not in terms of
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Dedicated in Love, Selina Revealed Being Lowly in Love and Knelt Down before Former Boyfriend
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